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Day 74 Mini Fast day

by jmousey on 03 Dec 2013, 13:43

Weight 8st 7lbs

SORRY SORRY SORRY- I've had a rough couple of weeks in my mind. Nothing terrible has happened- I'm just working crazy hours and couldn't afford my usual half hour at work to update my posts. The consequence of that though is that I haven't lost anything and probably have eaten too many carbs. My gastritis appears to be completely gone - I can have tea and had my first coffee yesterday in a month. I'm still off alcohol. I suppose that is what is a bit disappointing about the lack of weight loss. I didn't drink (except a couple of small beers at my parents dinner 10days ago). I didn't drink at all last weekend, did a 10k in under an hour so was delighted, I cycled, ran walked did pilates. I avoided a takeaway which I really really wanted. And today 8st 7 after a fast day yesterday. I did a full fast yesterday. I've discovered I find it easier to have lunch and then have a tea at night with couple squares of chocolate to tide me over and then go to bed. I am doing two mini fasts now after that. The reason being is that I am travelling with work but I will have a corporate dinner one night. The other night I will go to the Xmas markets and treat myself to something nice. Friday will be my other mini fast - I'll aim for 500 but I will probably have a corporate lunch and the hotel will have breaky which I would skip but my colleagues will want to meet for breaky. I'll see how it goes.

I need to get back on the band wagon and get serious. It is always around here that I fall off the wagon and plateau - I still have not managed to get under 8st 5 despite not having alcohol since the 7th November (except for that 1 night). I would have expected to go under - especially with staying in all last weekend. But no. So I'll be staying in again this weekend but I don't see how I will get under 8st 5 when I was 8st 7 this morning. I have 2.5 weeks to get to 8st 2 now. That is my goal but its a lot to lose - 5lbs for someone of my height. So its cut the carbs except on Sundays to 30gms ( to allow for natural healthy fruit and veg). Also next week I will do 3 rigid fasts. I'm raging that in 3 weeks I've lost nothing- I did have avery big birthday weekend but I had at least 10days of not eating very muhc due to gastritis and didn't lose anything so I can't understand it. My body just rails against me getting under 8st 5. It's all about planning I suppose.

So today I have had

9am: chai latte(200)
11am: choc bicky(70)
1pm: thai red curry veg (165)
5pm : Fatdogs breadroll with butter(160)
8pm: tea

That works out at 600 cals - I might have a piece of chocolate or something later but aim is to stay under 700. The carbs are high at 57 but 2 fast days in a row is a great struggle which is why it is a mini fast. I am doing a spin class at 615 so by the time I'm home it will be 730pm and nearly time for bed. Today I would have been happy at 8st 5 as then the potential to get to 8st 4 would really be there but no such luck. I give today a 1/10 as I'm only putting up weight, no alcohol isn't helping and I seem to have lost my mojo.

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Re: Day 74 Mini Fast day
03 Dec 2013, 18:50
Welcome back daahhhling. Have missed your posts. So you have more or less maintained. Well that is not too bad especially given the stress you are carrying. Best of all, your health has improved. So well done on that one! I'm sure you will get your mojo back soon. Stick with us and we will keep you going
Re: Day 74 Mini Fast day
04 Dec 2013, 10:26
So good to see you back. Fantastic news on your health! And well done, re the booze.
Re: Day 74 Mini Fast day
05 Dec 2013, 09:00
thanks guys - its good to be back
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