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My Intermittent Fasting Journey

My progress on Intermittent Fasting will be posted here with updates on my weight being posted daily, and with updates on my waist size and body fat content being posted on a weekly basis on a Monday. My weigh-in day was a Monday but I will now be weighing in every day in order to keep everything on track, and I now fast on a Monday on most weeks (although that will often change depending upon my circumstances at that time). More information about my weight loss background and my goals for the future on intermittent fasting can be found on my first forum posting which can be seen by clicking here.
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Day 100 - Feeding Day 71

by johncs2013 on 27 Nov 2013, 07:03

Current Actual Weight: 70.8kg (11 stone 2 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.1kg (11 stone 5 pounds)

Yesterday was very much a landmark day for me because as I have now been following this WOE for 100 days as of yesterday. That to me, is 100 days of IF, but that is not the same as 100 days of the 5:2 diet because not every week has been a 5:2 week. Prior to the beginning of this week, I have had one 6:1 week (right at the beginning of this WOL) and one 4:3 with every other week being a 5:2 week, and I am currently in a 6:1 week.

It is been very much a roller coaster ride with massive swings in my weight both upwards as well as downwards within some very short periods of time, although the general trend continues to be downwards. That first 100 days of this WOL has brought low calorie feeding days, 16:8 days and even a short period of ADF during that 4:3 week which means that I've been through just about every form of IF that is possible at some point in time.

It is going to be interesting to see what the next 100 days of this WOL has in store for me, but what about the situation just now? As all of you know, I have had a period where I have struggled a bit, especially at weekends but even with that, I was still able to reach my long-term target of being below 11 and a half stone at an official Monday morning weekly weigh-in this week, and enter into weight maintenance. This week marks the beginning of weight maintenance for me, and the beginning of my switch to 6:1 as a result of that. Yesterday was therefore, my first feeding day under this new regime as I had fasted on Monday.

For me, the first feeding day after a fasting day is always where I am fairly vulnerable and as the body replenishes the lost water content from that fasting day, that has always resulted in weight gain until now, even when I have been very careful about what I am eating. Given that fact and the recent struggles that I have had as well as the scale of challenges ahead of me under 6:1, there was never going to be any chance of me being anything other than cautious in terms of how I approached yesterday.

Having said that though, I began the day with a breakfast which consisted of two poached eggs, two slices of bacon and a tomato. With that, I had an apple and a glass of milk. Yesterday was a rest day from my usual gym and fitness activities, although I did do a little bit of food shopping. For lunch, I then had two slices of cold meat with some salad and another glass of milk. After consuming a small handful of nuts as a mid-afternoon snack, I then had some grilled fish for my evening meal along with some salad, a small handful of pickled onions, a small orange and another glass of milk.

So overall, that was a very cautious day for me but when I weighed myself this morning, the scales sent me the message that I had actually been too cautious yesterday with my calorie intake because instead of the weight gain that I normally get on the first feeding day after a fasting day, I actually LOST 0.2kg from this time yesterday. That is now the third day in a row where I have lost weight, and that also means that I have once again equalled my record for my lowest ever weight.

I said yesterday that I would be unlikely to beat my record for my lowest ever weight this week as I don't have any fasting days left but with today's result, that might not be the case. Since I haven't had any bowel movements recently, I have no idea as to why this latest weight loss has happened but the message is coming load and clear that the only way that I am going to stop this run of weight losses is by eating more during the rest of the week than what I am doing just now, otherwise the overall weekly weight loss at my next official Monday morning weigh-in is going to be massive with the possibility that my weight could even drop below that minimum level (for me anyway) of 11 stone by then (I am currently 11 stone 2 pounds).

Since I always record a big weight loss anyway on my fasting days and since my overall goal is just to maintain the weight that I've got down to rather than losing more weight, the only way that I am going to achieve that goal is by allowing myself to gain a little bit of weight over my feeding days and that is obviously going to mean eating more calories on each day than what I ate yesterday. I have mentioned that weekends are never good times for me and a lot of that is due to the big weight gains that I get then as a result of taking a complete break from my low carb regime and having those special treats that I enjoy.

However, that could actually end up being my saviour with the way that this week is going so far and with that, it might well be that this coming weekend will be one to look forward instead of being one to dread, which wouldn't be so bad after all.

Height: 5ft 8in

Lower Trend Weight Limit: 70.0kg (11 stone 0 pounds)
Upper Trend Weight Limit: 73.0kg (11 stone 7 pounds)

Last Weigh-in Date: 1 Mar 2014

Actual Weight: 74.3kg (11 stone 9.8 pounds)
Trend Weight: 72.6kg (11 stone 6.0 pounds)

Body Mass Index: 24.83 (actual) / 24.26 (trend)

Current Method: No Fasting
Low Calorie Days: As Required

Trend weights calculated from Libra Android App
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Re: Day 100 - Feeding Day 71
27 Nov 2013, 08:00
Congrats on 100 days of this WOE! I'm one day behind you :-)
Re: Day 100 - Feeding Day 71
27 Nov 2013, 08:27
rawkaren wrote: Congrats on 100 days of this WOE! I'm one day behind you :-)

And I will certainly be looking forward to reading your story about that tomorrow in your own daily blog entry about that. I'm actually also finding out how over-indulgences can actually enhance the weight loss after that (I read about your own over-indulgences yesterday on what was meant to be a fasting day, but that might end up working in your favour). It seems as though if you are eating a low calorie diet all the time, the body reacts by slowing down the metabolism in order to try to hold onto the very little amount of food that it is getting.

That in turn makes weight loss more difficult and I have even heard about people gaining weight because of that. What the over-indulges do is to tell the body that there is no famine, and that it can let go of its fat stores. That in turn would then result in the weight loss being kick-started once again one the calorie intake has been reduced. I was thinking that this morning because it might well be that my body is still in that fat burning mode after the over-indulges of last weekend, especially since I have also been sticking to a low carb diet. That in turn, could be why I still managed to lose weight between yesterday and this morning's weigh-ins despite that being only the first feeding day after my last fasting day.
Re: Day 100 - Feeding Day 71
27 Nov 2013, 11:45
I'm sure it seems like low cal to you but as I'm short, my TDEE is only 1450 so not much margin for error!
Re: Day 100 - Feeding Day 71
27 Nov 2013, 13:00
rawkaren wrote: I'm sure it seems like low cal to you but as I'm short, my TDEE is only 1450 so not much margin for error!

I wasn't talking about anyone in particular, being on a low calorie diet (by that, I mean a diet with a calorie intake that is consistently well below that person's TDEE) or in terms of any particular person's circumstances. I was merely talking in general terms by hinting that whenever anyone is on a low calorie diet (I have been guilty of that on many occasions), that can cause the body to hang onto what resources it has and then when that person over-indulges, that will send a message to the body to say there is no famine and that it can release its fat stores, thereby causing the weight loss to kick in once the calorie intake has been reduced once again.

I know that from my own personal experiences as I have used that tactic on many occasions to successfully break through a weight loss plateau, and that was why I lost so much weight even before I began this WOE.
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