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My Intermittent Fasting Journey

My progress on Intermittent Fasting will be posted here with updates on my weight being posted daily, and with updates on my waist size and body fat content being posted on a weekly basis on a Monday. My weigh-in day was a Monday but I will now be weighing in every day in order to keep everything on track, and I now fast on a Monday on most weeks (although that will often change depending upon my circumstances at that time). More information about my weight loss background and my goals for the future on intermittent fasting can be found on my first forum posting which can be seen by clicking here.

Day 86 - Feeding Day Number 61

by johncs2013 on 13 Nov 2013, 07:20

Current Weight: 72.6kg (11 stone 6 pounds)

Last Night's BP Readings:-

Reading 1 (taken at 10:26pm GMT on 12 Nov 2013): 143/83 (Pulse: 55)
Reading 2 (taken at 10:29pm GMT on 12 Nov 2013): 137/77 (Pulse: 53)
Reading 3 (taken at 10:32pm GMT on 12 Nov 2013): 130/75 (Pulse: 53)

This Morning's BP Readings:-

Reading 1 (taken at 6:41am GMT on 13 Nov 2013): 140/85 (Pulse: 62)
Reading 2 (taken at 6:44am GMT on 13 Nov 2013): 137/82 (Pulse: 59)
Reading 3 (taken at 6:47am GMT on 13 Nov 2013): 142/81 (Pulse: 59)

Yesterday, I had a rest day from the gym and so, I was hoping that this would bring some better blood pressure results. Nevertheless, yesterday was also a 16:8 day (which every day is now, including my fasting days). That means that I never eat anything before lunchtime, and also means that when I do some food shopping in the morning, I am doing so on an empty stomach.

Overall, yesterday was a fairly quiet day with some food shopping and a little bit of housework. For lunch, I ate a couple of bits of pitta bread with some cold meat and salad. With that, I had an apple, a couple of slices of sunflower seed bread with peanut butter and a glass of milk and a couple of biscuits.

For my evening meal, I then had a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie with some stir-fry vegetables. For a dessert, I had some raspberries and blackberries with some Greek yoghurt, a cup of coffee just with milk, and another couple of biscuits. My carb intake could probably still be worked on, especially at lunchtime but I don't think that my carb intake was all that high yesterday, and I have had far worse eating binges before, than what I had yesterday (at least, I didn't eat loads of chocolate or sweets this time, and at least there was no alcohol intake this time).

Nevertheless, my weight still went up by 1.1kg from where it was yesyerday when I weighed myself this morning. Things were starting to look a bit promising on the blood pressure front last night but even then, I still had one reading which was quite high. I had hoped that I might get better results this morning after what was a good night's sleep. However, the opposite has happened and my blood pressure has actually gone up a bit overnight.

I am feeling very depressed this morning because of that, and it just feels now as though this whole WOL is a complete waste of time. I am grateful of the weight losses that I've had but since my blood pressure results are no better than what they were when I first started this WOL back on 19 August 2013, that is meaning less and less to me all the time. After all, is it really worth it to lose a few extra pounds of weight when that is at the expense of slightly raised blood pressure?

My mind just now is telling me that the answer to that question is a big emphatic NO, and that has now given me a lot to ponder.

Height: 5ft 8in

Lower Trend Weight Limit: 70.0kg (11 stone 0 pounds)
Upper Trend Weight Limit: 73.0kg (11 stone 7 pounds)

Last Weigh-in Date: 1 Mar 2014

Actual Weight: 74.3kg (11 stone 9.8 pounds)
Trend Weight: 72.6kg (11 stone 6.0 pounds)

Body Mass Index: 24.83 (actual) / 24.26 (trend)

Current Method: No Fasting
Low Calorie Days: As Required

Trend weights calculated from Libra Android App
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