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My Intermittent Fasting Journey

My progress on Intermittent Fasting will be posted here with updates on my weight being posted daily, and with updates on my waist size and body fat content being posted on a weekly basis on a Monday. My weigh-in day was a Monday but I will now be weighing in every day in order to keep everything on track, and I now fast on a Monday on most weeks (although that will often change depending upon my circumstances at that time). More information about my weight loss background and my goals for the future on intermittent fasting can be found on my first forum posting which can be seen by clicking here.
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Day 95 - Fasting Day 28 (Yet More Records Broken)

by johncs2013 on 22 Nov 2013, 07:23

Current Actual Weight: 70.8kg (11 stone 2 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.6kg (11 stone 5 pounds)

I wrote yesterday's blog entry at a very exciting point where as a result of sticking to a low carb intake over my last two feeding days, I had succeeded in restricting the inevitable weight gain over that period to just a pound over those two days. Furthermore, I had gone into yesterday's fasting day at my lowest ever weight for going into a fasting day, and that raised hopes that I could shatter my all time record for my lowest ever weight that I have ever recorded for the whole of my adult life going all the way back to the 1980s.

I also had a step class yesterday morning which meant that I would also be burning more calories. Anyway, I went to that step class on an empty stomach since I have been getting some very good results at the weigh-ins which follow a fast day. This WOL has all been about experimentation to see what works for me and these experiments don't always work out well (as was the case with the 16:8 experiment over last weekend for example). However, since these experiments are all finding out what works for me, I see no point in changing something which is already working quite well for me.

The regime which I follow for fasting days is one such example of something which is working really well for me, and that is why I followed the same eating pattern for yesterday's fasting day, that I have been following until now. That meant that I didn't eat anything until lunchtime when I had my usual scrambled eggs with a couple of pieces of cold meat. The step class beforehand went reasonably well, but I felt really tired after the exploits of that really big gym session that I had on the previous day, and I ended up feeling a bit sore and stiff after that, which is something that I haven't felt since I started going to the gym.

I then did some ironing in the afternoon (I would normally do that on a Friday, but I won't be able to do that at the normal time this week as I have another appointment this afternoon about voluntary work) before tucking into a small beef steak with some salad for my evening meal. Despite the fact that I felt very tired last night, the usual sleeping problems which so often come after my fasting days kicked in once again, which means that I have been awake since 3am.

Then came the really exciting bit which was this morning's weigh-in. Because I didn't gain much weight over my last two feeding days, I expected this morning's weight loss to be smaller than what I normally would get after a fasting day (that was what raised the question in the first place, over whether or not I would go on to beat my all time record). However, the results showed that I still managed to lose a massive 1.5kg since this time yesterday, and that means that I have now shattered my all time record for my lowest ever recorded weight by two pounds, or just over half a kilo.

My current weight is 70.8kg and if this rate of weight loss continues, there is a good chance that I could end up recording a weight of less than 70kg after one of my fasting days in a couple of weeks' time or so. My current weight is also equivalent to 11 stone 2 pounds, which is also challenging the 11 stone mark. This WOL had already brought an outside chance that my fasted weight (which is my weight after a fasting day) could get to below 11 stone before Christmas and with the way that things are going just now, my chances of recording a weight of 10 stone something after one of my fasting days have now become ever likely, with that possibly even happening within the next few weeks.

I have vague memories of my weight being around 10 and a half stone back in the early 1980s when I was only a teenager, and it is amazing to think that I'm now not much more than half a stone above that weight. Of course, I now have three successive feeding days ahead of me, and I will probably gain a little bit of weight during that time, especially since that also encompasses yet another weekend and as you know already, weekends are never really a good time for me in that regard. Today will be another low carb day which I'm hoping, will minimise the resulting weight gain yet again, for the first feeding day after a fasting day.

The weekend will then come after that and it is important to allow myself to have some leeway over that time, where I don't have to worry too much about what I'm eating. However, I also don't want to get anywhere near that weight of 75.2kg that I recorded last Sunday, so it will still be important to be a wee bit more careful over this coming weekend. However, I am also aware that my lowest weight so far for a Monday morning weigh-in came on the week before last Monday, and that was exactly 11 and a half stone.

That means that if I can be a bit more careful over this this weekend, there is a good chance that I could record a Monday morning weigh-in of less than 11 and a half stone for only the first time under this WOL. When I first joined this forum, I mentioned in one of my very first posts that this would be the long term target that I would have for myself, whereby I wouldn't really be that interested in losing any more weight than that. That means that such a result at next Monday morning's weigh-in would mean that I would be able to officially say that I have joined the weight maintenance club because at the end of the day, I cannot go on losing weight at the rate at which I'm doing so just now indefinitely, especially with so little weight that was needed to be lost in the first place, when I started this WOL.

I am still a very long way away from being anorexic, but it can be too easy to become obsessed and fixated with trying to lose as much weight as possible, and that can be the start of the slippery slope towards becoming anorexic over time. That is why it is better to nip that in the bud right away before I get anywhere near that sort of scenario. I think that my new low carb regime is working well for me and I can see why it is important to continue with that. I believe that eating a low amount of carbs actually affects me on the following day, as well as on the day itself when I have been on that low carb regime.

Eating more carbs on the other hand, makes me more hungry not just on the day in question where I have eaten those extra carbs, but also on the following day as well. That is probably why I struggled so badly last week and ended up with that crash last week which saw my weight soar briefly to 75.2kg. However, the fact that I have had a low carb week has made my fasting days a lot easier this week even with this cold weather, and that means that there shouldn't be a similar crash over the weekend ahead.

I will therefore continue with 5:2 with that same low carb intake over the next couple of weeks (the only change to that is that I would probably try to reduce my protein intake by a little bit, and increase my fat intake). However, if that means that I continue to lose weight at the current rate, I will then have no other option other than to switch to 6:1 in order to curb that weight loss a bit.

Height: 5ft 8in

Lower Trend Weight Limit: 70.0kg (11 stone 0 pounds)
Upper Trend Weight Limit: 73.0kg (11 stone 7 pounds)

Last Weigh-in Date: 1 Mar 2014

Actual Weight: 74.3kg (11 stone 9.8 pounds)
Trend Weight: 72.6kg (11 stone 6.0 pounds)

Body Mass Index: 24.83 (actual) / 24.26 (trend)

Current Method: No Fasting
Low Calorie Days: As Required

Trend weights calculated from Libra Android App
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