RE: Day 97 - Feeding Day 69
24 Nov 2013, 17:42
Sorry @rawkaren, but I must have clicked on edit instead of quote in response to your comment, and ended up completely over-writing it with my own response to that. As I don't know how to get your original comment back, I have had to delete it so apologies for that. I'm really not on this planet just now as far as mind goes, and that is just another example of how weekends are never my favourite time of the week when it comes to this WOL. Anyway, my response is shown below (you may re-send your comment if you wish).

Thanks. Sometimes I panic a bit when I see my weight go up by quite a bit, and end up restricting my calorie intake unnecessarily because of that. That led me to have just the one meal all day last Sunday, and the net result of that was that I lost 4 pounds on that day, which is about as much as what I would normally lose on a fasting day.

I am looking at my challenge for tomorrow, which was to be below 11 and a half stone at tomorrow's official weekly weigh-in (which is when I also record my waist size and blood pressure) and in order to achieve that, I need to lose some weight from what I recorded at this morning's weigh-in. Yet last Sunday is the only occasion that I've had so far, where I have lost weight on a feeding day, and today is another feeding day for me (I never fast at weekends).

Because of that, I was thinking about doing the same thing again as what I did last Sunday in order to force that weight loss and began by eating exactly what I ate last Sunday, and at the same time. Unlike last weekend though, I'm not looking to lose a lot of weight by tomorrow as I only need to lose some weight in order to achieve that target which will allow me to officially say that I am entering into weight maintenance.

Because of that, I have relaxed things a little bit tonight by having a small snack as my evening meal. That way, I will be consuming more calories than what I did last Sunday, but still fewer calories than what I would normally consume on a feeding day. Beyond that, it is then just a case of keeping my fingers crossed that this will be enough to give me that crucial weight loss between this morning's weigh-in, and tomorrow's official weekly weigh-in.