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My Intermittent Fasting Journey

My progress on Intermittent Fasting will be posted here with updates on my weight being posted daily, and with updates on my waist size and body fat content being posted on a weekly basis on a Monday. My weigh-in day was a Monday but I will now be weighing in every day in order to keep everything on track, and I now fast on a Monday on most weeks (although that will often change depending upon my circumstances at that time). More information about my weight loss background and my goals for the future on intermittent fasting can be found on my first forum posting which can be seen by clicking here.

Perfect Weight Maintenance

by johncs2013 on 04 Dec 2013, 08:48

Current Actual Weight: 70.3kg (11 stone 1 pound)
Current Trend Weight: 71.4kg (11 stone 3 pounds)

I wasn't going to write a daily blog entry today and I'm not feeling any real enthusiasm for doing so. However, I wanted to point out how amazed I was this morning when I stepped on the scales. Yesterday was a very careful day as it had to be because it was also the first feeding day after a fasting day. The last time that I had such a careful eating day after a fasting day, I actually went on to lose a little bit more weight which meant that I didn't have to be quite as careful now as what I was then, as my motive just now isn't to lose more weight.

However, the weight loss at this time was very small and that meant that it wouldn't have taken too many extra calories to have turned the weight loss at that time, into a weight gain. Because of that, I stuck with the same calorie intake yesterday as what I consumed a week earlier, with the only difference being that I added an extra three slices of bacon to my breakfast. All of my eggs are scrambled these days because of that disaster which I had at the weekend with trying to cook poached eggs in the microwave, and my piece of grilled fish for my evening meal came in the form of a kipper.

Everything else was how it normally is. That has been discussed many times on previous blog entries and so, I see no point in repeating that here. Yesterday was also a rest day from any gym or fitness activities. Anyway, when I weighed myself this morning, I discovered that my weight was exactly the same as what it was yesterday, which means that I have also equalled that record for my lowest ever weight that I set yesterday. To me, that is what you call perfect weight maintenance because the fact that I am trying to maintain that weight until my next carb refeed at the weekend, means that the calorie intake for yesterday was exactly perfect for that.

That is good in terms of maintaining my current weight until the weekend, but it also means that I don't have that same luxury that I had a week ago where I was able to increase my carbs a bit for a day. Nevertheless, I'm also aware that this doesn't necessarily mean that my calorie intake for yesterday was exactly equal to my TDEE. I haven't had any bowel movements since my last fasting day and since there is probably also a little bit of water retention due to the increase in calorie intake from my last feeding day, it may well be that all of this is cancelling out what would actually be a weight loss, therefore causing my weight to stay at the same value.

If that is the case, I would probably expect to see a weight loss over the next day or so if I stick to the same calorie intake and this effect was actually shown last week when my calorie intake for Thursday was the same as what it was on Tuesday, yet resulted in a bigger weight loss at the following morning's weigh-in. In the meantime, I will be sticking with the same calorie intake today as what I consumed yesterday, because it will be interesting to see what actually happens, and whether or not I do end up getting that weight loss. Today is also a big day for me in the sense that I am also starting a new voluntary job this afternoon and that will bring its own set of challenges.

Height: 5ft 8in

Lower Trend Weight Limit: 70.0kg (11 stone 0 pounds)
Upper Trend Weight Limit: 73.0kg (11 stone 7 pounds)

Last Weigh-in Date: 1 Mar 2014

Actual Weight: 74.3kg (11 stone 9.8 pounds)
Trend Weight: 72.6kg (11 stone 6.0 pounds)

Body Mass Index: 24.83 (actual) / 24.26 (trend)

Current Method: No Fasting
Low Calorie Days: As Required

Trend weights calculated from Libra Android App
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