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3rd day, 2nd fast

by juliusi on 18 Mar 2013, 12:42

No, I am not on a 4:3 diet, but because I learnt about this diet on Saturday and since I had a whole week of feed I decided to start straight away, therefore starting the new week I planned to fast on Monday and Saturday. I weight myself amost everyday and of course this morning after the fast, a "normal" Italian Sunday lunch + a 32.5Km run, today was normal that my weight was going to be down, but didn't think that much. 1.3kg, but I don't give to it a big meaning since it is mostly water lost because of the exercise, even if I rehidrate all the time what I loose. I am curious about this diet and just want to see how it is going to work on me and above all if affects my training. The first fast day was a bit hard, but today it is getting better. Since I have always used to weight my food and used webpage to enter all the custome foods I use I have a quite huge database and can easily plan in the morning my meals and adjust the quantities until I get the right amount of calories needed, even if I don't think we must be too strict on the 600cals number. I am sure nothing happens if I get to 650 (as it happened on Saturday)or even 700. I think the feed days are very important and I see too many with the idea that they can eat a lot or everything. I still believe that fried food should stay away from us, mayo, crisps and junk food in general should be avoided anyway. At the end of the day diets fail because when we go back to a normal regime we have not learnt to eat (weight the food, know the food, eat the right food) and little by little we gain what we initially lost. As per myself I have seen that 600 cals are not that many, but today for example I had so far 535g of fennel (48cals) and I can assure it is a lot, will have 80g of pasta with a bit of sauce and parmesan (and that is a good meal and rich in carbs) and will end the day with 100g of turkey breast that will leave me with still around 100 cals of something else (probably bread). At the end of the day I will have carbs that won't make me feel weak, will have protein (turkey breast is full of them) and vegetable.
If anyone thinks differently I am open.
Have a good fast day.

We have not inherited the world from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.
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Re: 3rd day, 2nd fast
04 Apr 2013, 12:24
You do a 32.5 Km run how often?
I am not being critical but curious.
Are you doing this for weight loss or other benefits that come from fasting?
Good luck and good health to you.
Re: 3rd day, 2nd fast
11 Apr 2013, 10:45
Hi sierratee, sorry I only read today your post. I didn't receive any notification about. I run quite often those distances, because I do ultrarunning (runs that go over the marathon distance). So i don't do it for weight loss. I don't believe that excercising makes you loose weight, but helps you keep fit, tonic and gives you health benefits (of course do extreme sports as I do without being prepared eliminates the health benefits). Ciao, J
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