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Awake at 3am

by juliusi on 04 May 2013, 01:52

Just woke up few minutes ago and since I went to bed quite early last night I am not that much sleepy anymore. Moreover today I have my 6hrs race and therefore the thought of organising all that I need is making me completely awake. As usual I am a "last minute" person and haven't prepared my bag with all the necessary in it for today's race and knowing myself I will do it 5 minutes before leaving home and probably forgetting something, so to make things easier on the race course. Last year at this same event I run for 58.2Km and I really hope to go just a bit longer this year. I have done so far several 6hrs races and always put as my personal target the 60km mark, but haven't been good enough to do it, ma will try once again today. I feel ok, in my last race 40 days ago I covered 57.8Km which is more than the previous year on the same course and above all I am lighter than last year. Yeap that is the good part, because I managed since I started this diet on Marcg 16th to loose around 3.5/4kg, giving me a chance to run lighter and faster. Yesterday after my fast day my weight was down to another PB and precisely 74.8kg reaching so another low point on the progress tracker and getting closer to my target of 74kg. Just as with the 60km mark I would like to reach, I set the 74kg as my target weight and can finally see it coming and I really hope to get there by May 25th (even if Libra is telling me that I won't be there by that date) when I will run my 100Km race in Florence.
Yesterday I did some carbo loading, so quite sure the weight will show an increase, but I am confident that 6 hours on my feet will need all the extra calories eaten yesterday. To be honest what I had yesterday will give me about 2000cal of energy to spend during the race, so as usual I will need to eat (mainly gels) during the run to keep myself going. Tomorrow will be another huge feed day. We have been invited to a Christening and willl go the restaurant afterwwards. I would have done easily without it, but it is a family thing and therefore no escaping from it. My legs will be a bit sore and on the table there is going to be plenty of yummy food and it is going to be a battle to resist to it. My plan will be to avoid the fried stuff, bread and hopefully manage to eat only one piece of cake, otherwise on Monday the scale will look right into my eyes and laugh at me saying "I told you!". Funnily enough I am going to have to battle with myself. Today running 6 hours, that is not exactly a stroll in the park, and tomorrow sitting for hours at a table, trying to avoid to eat everything. These meals can esily go into the 4000cals if I llok closely at all the stuff available. No, no I am gonna be a good boy on Sunday.
Running and sitting trying to get the best from yourself.
I wish everybody a great weekend.

We have not inherited the world from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.
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