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Blogging again

by juliusi on 08 May 2013, 09:46

A few days have passed since I last wrote in my blog.
I had a great weekend starting with my race. As I said it is a 6hrs race and my hopes were to reach the 60km mark. Unfortunately I missed it by less than 200m, but I am happy for my result because it was 1.6km better than last year and the heat made it very difficult throughout the day. The day after my weight was down a lot, but I felt hungry the whole day and since I went to the restaurant for a communion I ate quite a lot and on Monday morning the weight was up again. Fasted again on Monday as I usually do (fast N°16) and the weight on Tuesday morning was were I hoped: 74.6kg that is another PB for me. Yesterday I had a normal feed day, even if I indulged on Nutella a bit after lunch and with great surprise today's weight is 74.8kg. I am very happy about this because it looks like I am definitely in the 74kg range and can look with hopes to achieve my goal by May 25th. Even Libra is telling me that I am on the right track.
I haven't run since Saturday, even if my legs feel ok, but didn't have time yesterday. I hope I can do it today, but my boss is in the office and don't know if I have time later in the afternoon.
One thing I have noticed is that when I get up from the bed is that I feel lightheaded. It is a week now that I am experiencing this and it happened the same 2 years ago when preparing an ironman and wanting to loose some weight I dropped in few months around 8kg. I think it is due to the less intake of calories and of course the sport I do. It would be easy to say that right now probably my TDEE is higher and therefore should eat more, but if I look at the average weight I loose weekly I am around the 5/600g a week, just over the average for this kind of diet. So I don't really know if I should eat more. I know I am eating plenty of carbs that I really need for my endurance sport, but I feel a bit weak. It could also well be that the warm weather we are experiencing lately (almost everyday around the 25°) and probably my hay fever has some influence in all this, but I need to keep everything under control.
Training will slow down a bit since I am getting nearer my 100km race and I know I will eat a bit more the week before race day so hopefully things will adjust.
Well with a smile on my face :smile: I go back to work.

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