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Fast #11

by juliusi on 18 Apr 2013, 10:18

Lately I am having mixed feelings about my fast days.
On one side I can't wait to have another fast day, because I know the day after I will see a drop in weight on my scale, on the other side I just spend the day about thinking how to get to dinner and have my meal. As I said in a previous blog, my days fasting till dinner are easier evertime (I am at my 3rd "fast till dinner") and I don't have hunger cravings, just I wait the day to pass till evening.
My yo-yo weight is still going on. Today I went up again over 77kg and it is kinda a have hit a plateau, because after the initial loss it seems I have stopped loosing weight and I am just going up and down depending on the fast/feed alternation and have now the same weight I had 2 weeks ago.
My training has increased lately a bit and hopefully I have put on more muscles. Another explanation is that I am overeating on feed days and therefore the loss is slower (or next to nothing) than expected. I really don't know, but will stick with this plan because I know for sure that if done properly it gives results. I just need to find the right measures for me. One thing is sure, my waist has reduced and my wife and some friends have noticed I have lost weight and this is the best motivation I can get to go on with this WOE.
Few days ago I have read a post in which someone was talking about having noticed bad breath since doing the diet. After a few days I have noticed the same thing too. Every morning I have this bad breath and it has increased since starting 5:2. I wonder if the 2 things can be related. I have also noticed that since I started this diet I don't go to the loo (not for peeing) as often as I did. I usually go everyday, now maybe every 3 days. Must write a post and see if there are any ideas about it.
Today I haven't planned really what to it. Asked my wife to buy some chicken breast for dinner, but other than that I don't know what I am going to eat. I usually plan in advance the meal, but didn't so and find myself today thinking about what I am going to eat later very often.
Well it is almost time for me to go for my run. Today I have planned a 15k run, after that go and pick up the "beast" (my 2 year old son) and then a quite busy afternoon working. So this should make me get to dinner easily without distractions.
Have a nice fast and non fasting day.
Ciao, ciao,

We have not inherited the world from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.
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