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No gain week

by juliusi on 18 May 2013, 05:03

As usual on Saturday, which is the day I started a bit more than 2 months ago, I take the weigh as my official one. Today it says I weigh 74.7kg, 100g more than last Saturday, so no loss, but a small gain.
I am not worried at all. As usual when I get close to a result, or when I see I am doing things properly I start thinking I can do this differently and immediately I see some different results. I know I did good on my fast days, but I know I didn't check accurately my cals, but more importantly I know I ate some stuff on my feed days which I should not completely avoid, but at least control. Things such snacks or worst Nutella. On top of this the nice weather we are experiencing is bringing home the first ice creams which are always available in the freezer. Knowing they are there I made good use of them. Well as I said nothing happened weigh wise. The little difference could be of various reasons, but the fatc is that lately I have shown a steady decrease and not having had it means that I ate around my TDEE.
Today I am attending a wedding and I am repeating to myself to behave and eat what I fancy, but above all not overeat above all those foods that are fried or aren't the main meal. Dessert as usual will be my weack point.
Yesterday I went running as usual. I did 15km at lunch time and it was very hot. We were in the high 20's and it was a long time I didn't feel the heat so much. I have found that with the job I have lunch time is a good moment to run, even if I think I won't be able to do it in the next 3 months when temperatures raise up to 35/40 degrees here and will go more in the evening. But that is a problem I will face later. Right now I need to train because in one week exactly I will be in Florence waiting at 3pm to start my 100km race. I am really excited about it, but I am a bit worried about my job because it is a new one, I will start doing the first orders next week and there is one person in the office which is completely negative about me and does everything she can to obstacolate me and this worries me a bit. I will try to organise things so that everything is prepared and hopefully my colleague can help me out. This thing at the job is really making me crazy and I am pretty sure it is something that has to be sortened out quickly.
In the meantime I am already planning my next race. I am like this. I need always a goal otherwise I don't train properly so I thinkI have found my next mission. A friend of mine told me about this race at the end of June that lasts 6 days and on the final days there is a 48hrs race and a 24hrs race. If things go well after my race next Saturday and I feel recovered after 10 days or so I will enter the 24hrs race. I really want to push myself a bit more after a couple of years of steady ultramarathons and therefore this could be the first step and a good starting point to start making experience on a such long race.
I will see and let you know (in case anyone is interested :razz: ).
Well time to get ready for work. Have to prepare the bag because I want to throw in a short run before getting home and get prepared for the wedding. At least in this way I can eat that pasta without too many regrets :grin: .
Have a nice weekend all.

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