Re: Weigh in!
06 May 2014, 16:36
Hello kazzal42 and welcome to this WOE. :like: It is like you say a very flexible way of dieting and whilst it is slow don't get too despondant and don't give up. :clover:
I have lost approx 2 stone and dropped 2 uk clothing sizes in 6 months. :grin: I was always heavier than I should have been (or looked) and never dreamed I would get down to 10st or a size 10-12 again.....Yet here I am, 9st 8lb and uk size 8 top and 8-10 bottom :victory: I do an hour ZUMBA class once a week (term time only) I visit my daughter and grandaughters in Plymouth alternate months/I go away with my OH for a weekend every 2-3 months and go out for a restaurant meal every 3-4 months :dazed: This WOE is a dream come true. My last weight gain following a 3 day feast away took 9 days to repair (previous diets took at least a month)It may still be a yo yo effect but a much healthier one :lol: GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR 5:2/4:3/or whatever you choose :wink: