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- March 2013

Trying to convert to 5:2
20 Mar 2013, 14:02

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Trying to convert to 5:2

by mamabear on 20 Mar 2013, 14:02

So here i go again :bugeyes: another diet! i CAN do this :?:

I'm actually a Dukan(er) advocate, or was. I lived and breathed the Dukan way of life. I had a huge following on their site. I lost 4.5 Stone. The weight fell off me( believe me when i say that it was not a good thing, it took nearly a year to mentally see how different i looked). And then a little miracle happened :wink: He's now 11 months old and Mamabear has the saggy baggy body of a walrus, the energy of a tortoise and the memory of a gold fish! but i won't lie and say i didn't enjoy getting here, i ate my way through 9 mths of anxiety/pregnancy.

But with another mouth to feed, and only one wage coming in to the household, i am struggling to justify spending a fortune on meat/fish to loose weight. So i needed to have a rethink. I hear people chatting about this 5:2 plan :?:
I watch friends and family try and succeed at this 5:2 plan :smile: so i think, well i'll give it a go and see what happens.

So far i have lost 2st in the past 2 and a half months, but then it stopped ( having a little one, has made focusing on myself hard), and that was when i had a rethink about cost/diet. Thus it brings me to your door step. Humble and Hoping that i will find help, support and understanding about fixing my self.
I started this new year at around 16St i think :bugeyes: but officially i knew i was 15 st 9lb in November last year ( went to france at christmas, i ate like a horse lol)
So this weekend i started 5:2 i weighed 13 st 12lb. I did the 5:2 Saturday and lost 1lb. i had Sunday off. I did Monday and lost 1lb. So Tuesday i weighed 13st 10lb :grin:
I had yesterday off and i ate CARBS. this morning i weighed 13St 12lb :shock:
CARBS are NOT my friend. However i wonder if this is just a hiccup as i am so used to not eating carbs, my body just consumed and held onto them. I am Fasting today and tomorrow will show me if i need to exclude them of reintegrate them back into my life style.
I also have thyroid problems and not eating carbs really helped and made my life much lighter/brighter. but its hard. I know i have to be sensible.
My goal is to loose my baby weight, to be back in a size 12, wear my sexy Levi's and put my uber lovely cowboy boots on ( they are waiting in my wardrobe)
So i have a few questions if anyone is starting out of this plan too.
1, is any one else doing alternate days? ( 4:3)
2, is anyone not eating carbs on feast days?
I've read the book, it says i can do alternate days,
3, but is this setting myself up for a struggle?
Oh and whats with being totally wired and awake at night on a FASTING day :bugeyes: i mean really wide awake, Brain going like the clappers, i was soooo fatigued in the day too.

Today i have had nothing but weak white coffee (instant), plenty of water ( I've learnt that my body needs a minimum of 1.5lts a day.
Tonight i plan to have omelette with what ever i can add that will add up to about 400 calls.
I'm so frightened of failing again, of not getting it right. I'm a positive person, surrounded by positive people ( luckily) but i am also trying to be very focused to succeed. I did it once, therefor i can do it again, just slightly differently this time.
And i think this time on this plan, i will obviously loose very slowly, but maybe thats a good thing. Loosing 4.5st in 5 months was great, but because it came off so terribly quickly, it took me a very long time to understand i was a thin person, and for a very long time i still saw a fat person in the mirror and in my head. I learnt an awful lot about myself as i lost weight last time.
So i know the basics and with the info to hand, fingers crossed with positive support and staying in contact with others i will loose my excess :confused:

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Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
20 Mar 2013, 19:13
I've been lazy today. I was planning to fast until 6pm as I did the previous days. However I found I was starving by 2pm.i had a hot drink ( I found in the past a hot drink helps make me feel full prior to a meal)
So I made a 2 egg omelette , I added 10ml of water to mixture, pepper and a twist of salt. Followed with a hot coffee and a glass of water. I felt so much better for eating earlier. I only used up 140 cals so I've just cheated and had another omelette with ham, plus a hot coffee and another glass of water. I'm not prepared today, hence 2 omelettes , I will have to rethink one meal so I don't have 4 eggs per fast day. I hope tomrow I've lost the 3lb I put on yesterday. But this is only my first week, I have to learn how my body will cope on this plan.
Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
21 Mar 2013, 00:49
A few questionsfor you.
How many fast days are you doing in your first week? It sounds like more than 2, so are you doing 4:3? In which case you are asking a lot of yourself and it's no wonder you couldn't last beyonf 2pm!

How can you have put on 3lb in a day? Unless you ate 10,500 calories (3500 c = 1lb of body fat) all that 'weight' is only food in your gut and water. I know that it is tempting to weigh yourself frequently, especially when starting a new WOE (Way Of Eating) but your body can show huge variations from day to day, especially when fasting on several days or when you are pre-menstrual, so choose a weigh in day, preferably not one just after a fast day, and stick to it. For example, my fast days are Mondays and Thursday, so I weigh only on Sunday mornings when I know that is likely to be the most genuine reflection of my actual weight.

Having said all this (and sounding rather blunt, for which I apologise) good for you for managing to keep to your fast day allowance and being motivated to carry on. I hope all continues to go well for you.
Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
21 Mar 2013, 01:04
Sorry, mamabear, i have only just read your initial post. I didn't realise that you had eaten carbs on your non-fasting days , which is what is likely to have given you your three pound 'weight' gain . Carbs tend to make your body hang onto water, but this is only temporary, not actual fat. There is a lot of debate on this site about carbs. To some they are the work of the devil, whilst others have a more moderate view. I am rather relaxed about them and eat carbs every day, usually in limited amounts, but because I want to make this WOE work for me for life, I don't want to spend the rest of my life excluding some of the foods I enjoy most. However, to each their own and only you can make that decision. Good luck and I hope you can get into your cowboy boots soon!
Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
21 Mar 2013, 10:16
Hi mamabear, I am on a 5:2 diet and today is only my 3rd fast. what i can say is that being Italian could never do without carbs, and I really believe that noone should ever do without them. I usually use the 40-30-30 approach (carbs-protein-fat) unless I am in full traininig mode where I go 50-25-25 and as you can see carbs are the main nutrient I use. Even today that is a fast day I have (well right now having) fennel, mushed potatoes for lunch and tonight bread with a steack. As usual is not if you eat or not carbs, it is how much you eat on non fasting days. We are putting too much attention to fasting days, but leave to approximation the other 5 days, when instead we should pay attention to those days. Well said this hang in there and weight will come off and you'll feel great. Ciao ciao
Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
21 Mar 2013, 11:05
Well yesterday was easier eating omelettes. Although last night i still found i was wired and wide awake, but i did eventually fall asleep and slept through till 6am and when i woke i felt great. So thats a positive.
I jumped on the scales and i am down a further 3lb :victory: . So i now weigh in at 13st 7lb. So since Saturday i have gone from 13st 12lb to 13st 7lb.
I find that reading many blogs/posts on here there is so much confusion as to what is the best thing to do, some say no protein some say no carbs. Some one wrote about no water!!! i mean really?
I will stick to what the book says. I will give it another go tomorrow and see how i feel.
Do i feel better, YES. is this sustainable, for now i think so.
I only have one goal, to be slim and healthy. Luckily i have a BF who is doing this also and guides me sensibly and reminds me of right and wrongs.
today is a non fast day, I'm going out to lunch with my BF's and i will not feel guilty. tonight i will have a lovely roast dinner and i pray i sleep much better tonight. Thats been the only down side for me so far, lack of being able to sleep.
I wonder if its fight or flight mode?
So the out come is that to date i have fasted on Sat,Mon,Wed, the result is a 5lb weight loss. :victory: Works for me.
to Stowgate and Juliusi, i thank you for your help and support.Its much appreciated.
Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
25 Mar 2013, 10:45
Unbeleiveable i am back up by 5lbs !!!! I have not eaten too badly, although i had pringles and 2 pieces of cake in the past three days, but I've been sensible, I would have had to consume 10 tubs of pringles to put this weight on. I am so close to giving up!!!! I'm gutted and fed up big time.
I was so close too to my next goal, now i feel a million miles away!!
Re: Trying to convert to 5:2
03 Apr 2013, 07:43
I agree that as women our weight can fluctuate by amazing amounts even when we seem to be eating sensibly - I too managed to lose a shed load of weight on another diet to get in to my wedding dress last year but once the need was gone the weight came back - I have looked into this diet and am doing 5:2 as I think healthy eating in general is a must. We need carbs in our diets to help produce the energy we need for living although maybe not as many as we tend to like to eat - I have taped some keep fit shows off of the TV and am going to make an effort to be more active at home as genuinely the old fashioned diet and exercise approach does work - If you need any support etc I am here xxxxx I too am making this a new journey and hoping this is the last time I try and succeed at getting where I want to be
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