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01 May 2014, 07:43

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Soup n Slim Noodles

by mia87 on 11 Apr 2014, 10:34

It's been a fairly straight forward fast day for me. I was trying something a bit different today. Instead of splitting my 500 cal fairly evenly between lunch and dinner, I had about 150 cals for lunch (vege soup (52), curry powder (11), slim pasta (10), three prawns (44) a really small spray of olive oil (estimated 30). The intention was to just have the soup for lunch. Last minute I decided I should try the slim pasta. Bad idea. The pasta was fine, really. It just does not go with SOUP. Why did I think that was a good idea? The texture is very different, just quite chewy. Not the kind of texture that tends to bother me. So to counter act the terrible combo I decided to cook up some prawns. Good gosh they were good! Ever so lightly sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

I haven't yet had dinner (though I may have by the time I finish this post) and haven't really decided what to do. I think I'll probably go with a bowl of soup and some prawns on the side.

I like this idea of keeping calories to the end of the day, or not using them up at all. As I tend to have issues sleeping, and more so on fast nights, I definitely want to keep 118 cals for a lactose-free yoghurt shortly before bed. Or even just a glass of LF milk. I've never really tried this, but then I can't usually see ahead and know I'll have major issues sleeping. I did sleep better last night, despite being woken a couple of times.

Also did my HIIT run today. After chatting with my hubby I changed my speeds a little bit. I was doing 30:30 run:stop starting with speed 10x2, 10.5x2, 11x3, 11.5x3 or 12x1 if I could make it. All speeds are in kmph. But I realised that the point of the HIIT is to go flat out for 30 secs then break. Instead I was running pretty fast, but if I was then able to increase it over time? It meant I wasn't pushing as hard as possible until maybe the end. So I switched. I went with 2x12, 2x11.5,2x11,1x10.5, 3x10. And boy was I stuffed THE ENTIRE WAY THROUGH. Right from the beginning I was pushing super hard, all the way until the end. I only reduced the speed over time when I found I could no longer sustain.

For the last few years I have had a fitness goal of being able to run 2.4km in 12 minutes or under. This is something that under 25 year olds have to meet in the RAAF every 12 months (as a base line, it can change depending on the job title.) Anyway, it means having to run at 12 kph for 12 minutes. 12 minutes!! I struggled doing 30 seconds, twice, haha. But I will stick with it, and start bringing back normal runs/jogs as well. I did get up to week 4 in C25K, but then stopped. I'd been putting a lot of pressure on myself to exercise everyday for an hour and needed a break. So stopped exercising. :neutral: smart...It's a cycle with me, I just need to try and minimise the down time in between breaks with exercise.

Think I'll do a weigh in tomorrow. I actually weigh every day and track it, but only really put one up in the progress tracker per week. I did remeasure my waist today, and at 108cm (omfg) I'm down from 74% to 71% in that waist/height thingy. So that's cool.


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