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Raw Karen's Blog

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Confession Time

by rawkaren on 15 Jan 2014, 10:16

Whilst this is supposed to be a fasting WOE, many of you know I have been trying to keep the carb levels down too. I was pretty pleased with myself over Christmas, but I think I have had a delayed reaction to the holiday season as I'm struggling to keep my carbs down.

The result is that I think I'm gaining. I'm not weighing at the moment and my waist is the same, but I put on a smaller pair of jeans today and they are tight around the thighs and hips. :curse: It could be water, but also I only did 6:1 over the holidays.

I last fasted on Sunday, a couple of failed attempts the last two days, so I'm trying again today. The culprit is sugar. There is chocolate in the house. It's good stuff (green and black's), but the last two nights I have had my hand in the box. Need to chuck it away.

So I'm wearing my tighter jeans today to remind me to do a good fast today. I have also put a rumblestop in (accupressure mouth device), to kill any hunger pangs which might emerge. I'm so cross with myself.

Calories for yesterday 1741 (350 over TDEE :curse: :curse: ) This is an estimate.
Carbs 137g (32%)
Fat 84g (44%)
Protein 102g (24%). Wow that is high for me.

Breakfast. Bulletproof coffee
Lunch. Steak and broccoli
Dinner. Small portion of OH home made chilli, 2 slices of hairy dieters tea loaf and 4 green and blacks miniatures :shock: :shock: :shock:

Calories for Monday 1009 (under TDEE).
Carbs 74g (60%)
Fat 19g (35%)
Protein 6g (5%)

Lunch. Detox carrot soup
Snacks. Green and blacks chocolate minatures.

I'm doubly cross as I'm due to meet @silverdarling tomorrow, but my visa has not shown up this morning. OH's is here, but that means another day of waiting in. The nice courier man has given me his number. If I call him first thing tomorrow, he will give me a delivery estimate time (assuming he has it). Some consolation I guess, but frustrating. Need to go and do something with all of this excess energy.
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Re: Confession Time
15 Jan 2014, 14:11
I'd like to know how many of us have had a delayed gain from Xmas. You're not alone anyway duck. I expect your going to be so busy and the nervous energy might help out with reducing your gain over the coming weeks.
RE: Confession Time
15 Jan 2014, 14:13
Reckon your right Caroline. Stress levels are up at the moment. Anyway doing well so far today :smile:
Re: Confession Time
15 Jan 2014, 15:14
If you're still stuck inside on the spot as fast you can for 20 secs then do it again after a min! It's rather amusing Karen! Especially if someone sees you. Auri X X :)
Re: Confession Time
15 Jan 2014, 16:31
And there was me thinking it was a bit of HIT training.
Re: Confession Time
15 Jan 2014, 20:05
Fingers crossed your visa arrives tomorrow Karen. You may be holding on to water due to raised cortisol levels with all the stress you're under at the moment so stop worrying about It! Easier said than done I know and Green & Black do make gorgeous chocolate! xx
RE: Confession Time
15 Jan 2014, 21:08
Thanks everyone. I have not eaten a single thing today and kept so busy time has passed by. However I'm starting to get stressed about the visa. :bugeyes:
Re: Confession Time
16 Jan 2014, 07:44
Awww Karen, I can totally empathise hun. But like many people say Christmas is only a couple of weeks out of the year, you have another 50 to correct it. I too am surrounded by naughty snacks wherever I go, and while I'm not really carb counting I really want to avoid white flour/sugar products- it's hard! Today I have armed myself with an apple to eat once work has finished rather than diving in for a choc biscuit like my colleagues. That must be so frustrating waiting in with naughty stuff tempting you. Be strong honey! xx
RE: Confession Time
16 Jan 2014, 07:50
Thanks Sammy. I'm loads better today. A good fast works wonders!
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