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Raw Karen's Blog

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Gearing up for the Christmas Club Challenge

by rawkaren on 30 Sep 2014, 01:55

So I have dropped a couple of pounds this week. However I'm not counting my chickens as I have been bouncing up and down these same 4 pounds since May. However I'm mentally ready to really give it a final push and at least see if I can end the year where I started.

I have done a bit of browsing around the web and found on Health Central, you can calculate your true weight rather than go off BMI. ... ,5,3,145,1. I know Dukan has one but I did not want to register. This site tells me that I am 20lb's or 9kg's overweight. This means I will still be overweight by Christmas which does not please me in the slightest.

Ideal weight range is 114 - 125.4 lbs. (51.8 - 57 kg.).
You are overweight by 19.6 lbs. (9 kg.).

I then went onto Keto calculator The site has moved on since I last was here and I was impressed - principally because it predicted my fat % as 37%. Spot on!

It was recommending just 25g carbs per day for me - which I think is extremely low - a small carton of raspberries is 20g in itself - and I put a whole carton in my protein smoothie. 60g of carbs and 73g of fat. The fun part of the site is that it predicts your fat loss over time. I could be 30% B/F by mid January, 25% by April, 20% by June and 15% by September. All seems a bit theoretical to me but quite motivational nonetheless. I'd be happy to get under 30% if I'm honest. I'm not sure I can combine Fast-5 with a ketogenic diet as I need to have carbs, but I will be more mindful I think in the coming weeks. I'm already off the sugar and that is good enough for me.

I will weight on 1st Oct so I know my start point.

Follow my full diet journey
Focus on your actions, not the result.
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I haven't seen the Ankerl Keto calculator in a while and it has improved - so, thank you for sending me there. :) It seems to suggest 25g of carbs by default tho' I see you can adjust it upwards.

I think with berries we always get into the vexed question of how much is sugar (very small amount) v. how much is fibre and are you a total or nett carbs person.

I'll look out for your progress. :)
Yes you are right SSure on total vs. net carbs. It's total here in the US and net in the UK isn't it? It can get very confusing for me with a foot in both camps!
You took a big step just getting off sugar. That one was tough for me.
Yess Tammae, I have done it before so know what to expect. It's easy when you are off it and going back is horrible. Need to remember that!
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