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Raw Karen's Blog

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Ready for first fast - California style

by rawkaren on 25 Jan 2014, 06:03

No fasting this week. Too busy and also wanted to make sure that we enjoyed ourselves getting settled in and trying different foods. The range and availability of food is far superior to what we have in the UK and it's alot cheaper too (even in Whole Foods), so I'm going to have a ball. In fact, I'm tempted to go back to raw for a while, certainly midweek. I have never lived anywhere before where I can get young raw coconuts on a supermarket shelf. Incredible. My one complaint is that whilst I know Californian almonds have a good reputation, I can report that they are not a patch on Spanish ones.

I'm not sure how best to equip the kitchen given I'm fasting 4:3 typically. On the one hand it hardly seems worth it to spend alot of money on fancy kit, but on the other its good to make sure you eat properly. So I didn't get a Vitamix, I bought a stick blender instead (so I can make my bulletproof coffee). Not bought a mixer, but did invest in a decent coffee machine. I can't see me entertaining - there are too many restaurants on my doorstep to choose from.

On eating out. Overall, I find that everything tastes really sweet or really salty. So I have been sticking to stuff that has not been messed with such as ahi tuna, which I love. Salad dressings are particularly dangerous. Better to order oil and vinegar rather than a dressing that most probably has had sugar added. This is a society that seems addicted to sugar one way or another. Probably a big generalisation, but really noticeable the number of people wandering around with large drinks of coloured liquid of sorts.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of doing a back to back fast this weekend and I have loaded up on unpasturised raw juice from whole foods. Lots of kale and beet so nice and healthy.

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Nice to see you Karen. Looking forward to hearing about your new food experiences.
Hi Caroline. With everything being 'new' it might be easier to stick to being healthy! Hope the pole dancing is going well :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
Lovely to see you dear.
Unfortunately we can't get into the beginners pole fitness class, it's fully hooked.
So I'm concentrating on getting back to "normal"
Had a great reunion with some fab class mates today. But am happy to plod on up the fitbit leaderboard and heckle Tim on the way.
Such fun.
Interesting about your view about the food. New eyes see clear springs to mind. Happy fasting and good to know the bullet coffee is high on the agenda. Just finished mine today complete with cream butter and coconut butter oil. It is wild but works a treat with the appetite eg no hunger pangs for hours
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