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- August 2013

13 Aug 2013, 14:51

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by sazlg2013 on 13 Aug 2013, 14:51

Im struggling with the 'meal' bit on the fast days.
Im quite a fussy eater and trying to piece together two small meals is a big mind boggling atm!
I have made a list of low calorie foods i.e. tuna, chicken and rice cakes.

Just wanting some ideas on what you guys eat on a typical fast day. :like:

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Re: Meals
14 Aug 2013, 07:37
Tomorrow is a typical fast day. I don't eat breakfast any more. I used to,but then I tried not having it and it was ok. I have a coffee in the morning. When I get really hungry I have a miso soup. You can buy instant miso soup in little sachets at the supermarket and they are quite yummy and quite low in calories. Then for dinner tomorrow I'm having soup with chorizo. It's got various vegetables in a base of chicken stock and tomatoes. Soup is a good meal because it's winter here and it's filling and warming and comforting. Other wise you can have fish and salad, steak and salad, protein and vegetables. I just try to go easy on carbohydrates, sugar and fat. The good thing about not eating much in the day is you can save up your calories and eat them for dinner. I was surprised I could do it, because I am a big breakfast person.
Re: Meals
14 Aug 2013, 18:47
Hi sazlg2013,

I tend to be really lazy and opt for a ready meal on my fast day. Aldi do a couple of really nice steam meals for under 350 cals. The other night I had asda extra special shepherds pie and some frozen garden peas for about 360 cals. It was yummy :)
Re: Meals
19 Aug 2013, 19:53
Tesco have some new meals in their finest range that are lower on calories ( less than 500) and are on offer at th mo. the Malaysian chick is nice.
Re: Meals
28 Oct 2013, 13:52
Being a bloke fasting days have to be easy otherwise I'll start cooking something and that won't help.

I normally have a couple of poached eggs for breakfast with some poached or tinned tomatoes. For tea I have a tin of soup and rice cakes or miso soup if I get hungry later on. I keep sticks of celery for munching. For the past few weeks I too have been missing breakfast and having a cuppa soup for lunch. Have been doing poached fish and veg for tea. Also, half a Fray Bentos pie is only 333 kcalories and few fresh boiled potatoes from my grow-sack make it a treat. Not sophisticated but it works for me.
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