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- November 2015

Day 30 Fast Day
25 Nov 2015, 17:45

Day 22 Feed Day 17th Nov
18 Nov 2015, 09:45

Day 21 Fast Mon 16th Nov
18 Nov 2015, 09:40

Day 20 15th Nov Day off
18 Nov 2015, 09:33

Day 19 Sat 14th Nov day off
18 Nov 2015, 09:28

Day 18
18 Nov 2015, 09:25

Day 17 Feed Day Thurs 12th Nov
18 Nov 2015, 09:21

Day 16 11th Nov Wed Fast day
18 Nov 2015, 08:17

Day 15 Feed day 10th NOv
18 Nov 2015, 08:06

Day 14 Mon 9th Nov
18 Nov 2015, 07:58

Day 13 Feed Day (9th Nov)
09 Nov 2015, 13:44

Day 12 Feed Day (7th Nov)
09 Nov 2015, 13:32

Day 11 Semi Fast 7th Nov
09 Nov 2015, 13:23

Day 10 Feed Day ( 6th Nov 15)
06 Nov 2015, 13:47

Day 9 Fast Day (5th Nov)
05 Nov 2015, 16:28

Day 8 Feed day (3rd November)
04 Nov 2015, 12:38

Day 7 Fast day (2nd Nov)
03 Nov 2015, 08:19

Day 6 Feed day (1st Nov)
02 Nov 2015, 09:15

Day 5 Feed day - day off really (October 31st)
02 Nov 2015, 09:01

Day 4, Feed day
02 Nov 2015, 08:52

Day 3 Fast Day
02 Nov 2015, 08:43

+ October 2015
+ July 2015

Day 2 Non Fast Day (8 weeks til hols)

by teddybear on 11 Jul 2015, 10:29

Weight 9st 7lbs

So yesterday was my second non fast day and it was easy to stick below by TDEE because now I am sick. My little boyis only getting over his sickness and I have gotten a nasty throat infection. This makes it hard to eat and I'm no too hungry anyway. I felt really awful yesterday. My fast day isn't til Monday at this point but I am limited to eating slithery slimy food as every feels like razor blades going down. I just tried to eat somne grapefruit but it stung me so badly that I couldn't. Obviuosly I'm not exercising either as my emp goes very high. So no exercise til next weekend to give myself a chance to recover. Also presume starving an infection is a good idea next week.

My day yesterday looked like this:

Lunch: Chicken wrap (500cals)
Dinner: Noodles (300 cals)
Snacks: 2 ice lollies & 2 squares of lindt (120 & 120)

Totals Cals 1040. I actually ate more than I thought. The noodles were very high considering the amount. I can only estimate the wrap as it was bought in a cafe. I didn't eat the full hing but it was full of oil.

Anyway, Saturdays and Sundays are always days off for me. We usually get a takeaway one of the days, although not sure how that would work out today to be honest. OH is at a barby tomoro so I'll just be fending for myself.

I give yesterday a 6/10 as while the cals were well under TDEE and it was basically a half fast I felt so rotten, it was basically cheating.

5:2 Mon, Wed and semi fast fri, current: 133lbs
interim goal: Nov 27th 128lbs
interim goal 2: Dec 19th 8st 12 READ MY BLOG
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