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- April 2016

Cholesterol, friend or foe?
04 Apr 2016, 19:54

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Is cholesterol good or bad?

by tuna85 on 09 Oct 2013, 08:49

I just came back from my doc. I measured my cholesterol levels. The numbers were quite good actually. I am glad. Before my test I took time and searched online for cholesterol and cholesterol related information. Cholesterol is know to be bad. This is general public opinion. But cholesterol is not bad at all! Your body produces it! And it produces it a lot. If you measure cholesterol levels and get a number you must realize that 80% of that number is actually cholesterol that was produced by your body (liver). Only 20% of that number was introduced into your body by eating cholesterol rich foods.
If cholesterol was bad, than why would your body produced it?
Cholesterol is a wax-like substance which is found in all tissues of the body, since a significant part of all kinds of cell membranes, and form an integral part of some hormones as well. Cholesterol is produced in the liver and some other organs, a part of cholesterol can be entered with food. Cholesterol-rich sources include milk fat, egg yolks, fatty meat, butter, etc. Vegetable fats do not contain cholesterol. Foods that lower cholesterol are walnuts, garlic, avocado, blueberries, fish, etc.
Cholesterol is produced in the body and depends on the quantity already present in your body - if there is enough cholesterol in your body, the internal generation of cholesterol is reduced, conversely, if body is lacking cholesterol, the formation of cholesterol is increased. Cholesterol is therefore not something superfluous and harmful, but it has many vital functions for your organism.
People must realize this. Stop thinking of cholesterol as something bad, but rather as something good. Cholesterol is only dangerous if cholesterol levels rise too high. In such case cholesterol might clog your arteries. But nothing to worry about if you eat healthy food in moderation.

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