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Sat, 06 Apr 2013 18:45:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Peter Smith's Diet Progress]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/dohpeterchina/peter_smith%CA%B9s_diet_progress_b-667_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/dohpeterchina/peter_smith%CA%B9s_diet_progress_b-667_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html My vanity has prevented me from giving my real weight, (I had no scales) I logged 95kg, the last known weight I choose to remember. I have logged 107kg, but I did lose some of that - I swear it's true...
Thank goodness the stripes made me look thin - O dear!
After 5 1/2 months (8th April 2013) I looked like this Waist 100 cm, hips 108 cm
After 7 months I look like this (21st April 2013) Waist 96 cm, hips 105 cm

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Fri, 26 Apr 2013 22:39:26 +0000
<![CDATA[My Journey - Progress, Feelings & Results]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/fat+girl+slim+4+life/my_journey_progress_feelings_results_b-1595_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/fat+girl+slim+4+life/my_journey_progress_feelings_results_b-1595_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html
I have lost 1.9kg in total so far and am loving the program/way of life. Probably like a lot of people, I have tried a million diets and of recent years, nothing including gym work outs and low calorie meals have been able to shift even a kilo. If anything I was putting on even though I was doing everything they tell you works.

A friend and her husband came over last weekend and they had been doing 5:2 for 2.5 weeks. She had lost 2.8kg and he 8kg. Absolutely amazing, I was inspired by their progress. They told me the name of the book and from there I was glued for a couple of hours, reading. Fully determined, I started the very next day.

I weighed myself this morning on new scales and found that my actual weight was 83.3kg. More than I thought. Makes me more determined than ever to make this work. Thanks to Vicki for the link...

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Fri, 13 Sep 2013 12:22:31 +0000
<![CDATA[Nog's Blogs]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Old+Nog/nog%CA%B9s_blogs_b-1173_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Old+Nog/nog%CA%B9s_blogs_b-1173_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html

Read these blogs at your own risk :confused:

Seeing as we've started to discuss Mankinis and there was a request for a picky of yours truly wearing said item :bugeyes: here we go ....... :heart:

Don't splutter on your cornflakes missus ...

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Sat, 15 Jun 2013 07:19:34 +0000
<![CDATA[One Hundred Days Later.......]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/rawkaren/one_hundred_days_later......._b-2001_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/rawkaren/one_hundred_days_later......._b-2001_sid-c1e011cdcaab2c4495c6de5d9a21a63f.html
I started this for health reasons. I won't know the full results of that until I have my medical next week. However my BP is back in the normal range and my BMI is now healthy rather than overweight. :grin:

The different ways of fasting are a good set of tools to have depending on what is going on in your life. It keeps it fresh and novel to keep mixing it up. :grin: ...

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Fri, 29 Nov 2013 08:47:26 +0000