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Breakfasts are a enticing struggle aren't they? Once the urge to cut 2 thick slices of squashy bread, as my kids call it, toast it and then cover it in butter and marmite has been resisted (mostly) then comes the question. Will it be ultra nutritious and gum challenging granola? What about that expensive and yet insubstantial puffed rice in the plant dyed carbon free cardboard (or is that actually the bit I am supposed to eat?) that I bought at the health food shop in a fit of whole earth smugness. Eggs! Haven't had one of those in a while, go so nicely with bacon and some mushrooms, oh hey what about a sausage...Fruit, I could just have that, or mix it with some plain yoghurt. Ok so I put that last option in just so as you'd think I was a proper dieter. Often though my thoughts turn to porridge.

Sometimes I have thought ahead and have made a breakfast in a jar the night before- oats, yoghurt, milk, berries, bit of honey and parrot seed. The new wonder seed apparently is chia. A high source...

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I'm doing well but as I haven't lost anything now for 3 weeks I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and how they got around it. I am very careful on my 5 days not to exceed 1200 calories and most fast days I'm under 500. I'm physically unable to do a lot of exercise but have now bought a pedal cycle to use daily either by hand or legs if my 2 bad knees allow! By the way my meals on fast days are taken at 7am Porridge & 1pm Cooked dinner a total of 475 calories today.
Also has anyone taken a fortnight/month off and started again with 5:2 and found that a) They didn't gain any weight & b) It triggered off further losses? I have lost 2st. 10lbs. Any ideas, Thanks :geek: :cry:
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"Another one bites the dust..." :victory:

I've just clocked up nine weeks on 5:2 and shed another kilo and 3 cm off my waist this past week. The Progress Tracker tells me that if I keep going like I have been, in ten weeks I will be at my goal weight, so I'm just about half way there! When I started back in March I had no idea that this would work so well for me. I will be eternally grateful to my friend Michele *waves*who told me about 5:2; I have never lost weight so effortlessly and without feeling in any way deprived or having to give up eating things I love.

This past week I tried my first liquids-only fast. I had been thinking about doing it for a while and since I've had just the one fast day meal in the evenings from the very beginning, I thought it wouldn't be too hard to stretch the fast into the next morning, and it wasn't. I had no trouble getting through the day...

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I'm fasting today as I have had 3 day carb blow out (and probably the first binge in the last 90 days). I was expecting to feel ashamed of myself but strangely I'm not. I'm in the mode of "it's ok, just make sure you do three fasts this week".

I lost a pound last week - the first one in a whole month so I have probably undone all of the good work, so it's a good test for fasting as a WOE to see what happens when I next weigh in.

I have decided not to do the daily weigh in stuff any more. It dictates my mood for the day which is a complete waste of energy, and I was getting frustrated. I'm just going to go back to weekly (Saturday). Granted, I'm a bit scared to jump on the scales this morning and I'm sure that has something to do with it, but honestly, I'm none the wiser.

I last fasted on Thursday and did a 40 hour bulletproof coffee only fast as I did not eat again until Friday lunchtime. On the Friday morning, I had gained a bit on the scales, which is why I had only...

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I'm not doing very well at all. A couple of 16:8's but totally out of control with sugar. I'm now working in an office where there is free fruit, protein bars and chocolates always available.

I'm in the office by 7.30am in the morning and rarely out by 7.30pm at night. I need to remember to go out and walk and if I get totally distracted, I head to the kitchen and the distractions are in front of me and by 2pm in the afternoon, even if I don't feel hungry, I'm certainly tired. A few options:

Stay out of the kitchen completely which means avoiding tea and coffee and just drinking water all day.

Remember to go out and get something. However the cafe across the road is mostly sandwiches, and soup. However they do a small bowl of chilli which is nice, but then I'm not sure what to eat at night. Tonight it has been a salad and chocolate. Not a good combo.

Bring in my own food.

Help :curse: ...

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