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Hmm, it's been an age since I added to this blog. I don't think I'm a natural blogger TBH but partly because most of the time I spend on the forum is done on my phone rather than at the computer and the prospect of writing a whole blog entry on my phone is rather off-putting! But I digress.

I thought it might be time to write an update about my experience of changing from 5:2 to 16:8.

I decided quite a while ago that the easiest way to manage my diet during my 3-week holiday in Sweden would be to skip breakfast (which at the place we go to is fairly uninspiring anyway being just bread and jam) and not eat until lunchtime. As we have our evening meal fairly early at our holiday house, it would mean I would naturally be adopting the 16:8 format of intermittent fasting.

I also aimed to cut down on carbs as far as possible. In the run up to the holiday I had been increasingly convinced that cutting down on carbs would be A Good Thing, so to skip breakfast meant...

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well, since it's lunch in the cricket, it maybe time for another post!

Rather than just a diary of what I'm eating and what I'm weighing (which I actually love reading about other people), today I'd like to pull out some other things that I've discovered about myself, food and hunger, while on 5/2 fasting.

1. A lot of my overeating is purely emotionally-based - "not surprising" I hear you say - and indeed I've known about it myself for a long time. But I'm having a really interesting time on my fasting days, just noticing what comes up for me emotionally, in the best buddhist tradition (I'm not a buddhist, btw). For starters, I was blaming my often feeling grumpy and irritated on my fast days on the psycho-physiology of fasting, until I worked out that this is one emotional state that I would normally eat to suppress, sometimes without even noticing that I'm feeling that way. Now that I've actually noticed that I'm irritable, I can track it a bit, and work out - is there...

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Got up and got weighed after my fast day yesterday and I have lost 2lb , I'm averaging that I have lost 2lb this week which I'm pleased with . I do find it difficult as to when to weigh can anyone make any suggestions please ?
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A couple of members have asked what I did to lose weight, so I thought I'd put it on the blog. I'm now doing 6:1 with a second mini fast on Thursday which seems to be working so far. This was my way of doing the 5:2
1. I always did 24 hour fasts, so nothing to eat until the evening when I had my 500 calories (often homemade soup and fruit, and I always saved space for a couple of squares of chocolate.
2. I never drank alcohol on fast days, and only a couple of glasses of wine on other evenings (if I drank at all).
3. I exercised quite a lot anyway, so didn't increase what I was doing, but maybe that helped (running 5kms 3 times a week and walking an hour at least on other days).
4. I didn't eat too much on non fast days. If I went out for a meal (e.g. lunch)I would eat very lightly for the dinner. In fact I never eat a big meal with a lot of carbohydrates in the evening, it is usually quiche and salad or something like that.
5. I rarely eat desserts, except on a Sunday when we buy some...

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Well thought i would record my progress again. Not much weight loss but wow is there a difference in my energy levels. I walk up two escalators to work and people are starting to comment on the new me. Still another stone plus to lose but that seems a lot less than the 3 stone ish i faced six months ago and now very achieveable.

I am a little worried that i will have to go out and buy more clothes and even the size 16 skirts are starting to feel loose but really pleased that the coat i bought last winter which was always tight is now a very comfortable fit.

So for all of you that think that the weight loss is slow i say stay with it and it will happen and one day you will wake up. Step on the scales and say wow i have reached my target weight. Im not there yet but i will be lol :cool:
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