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Went to the English pub tonight for fish and chips and could not eat it all. Left out pudding too. This is a first for me. Have also decided to reduce my breakfast and just have a slice of toast with my coffee. I am finding it too much to have porridge as well. One of the reasons I failed with weight watchers was too many points for my breakfast that I felt I could not do without.
This is all very strange for me but I have to say I rather like it.
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60 hour/ two day water fasts

So as many of you on here know, I water fast for 36-40 hours twice a week.

I find 36 hours with no food much easier than trying to count calories and have a small meal during a fast day. In fact, I find it so easy I intend to do it for the rest of my life, albeit reduced to one day a week when I reach my target weight. I have experienced wonderful benefits which I bang on about quite a lot all over this board.

I've also done two 60 hours fasts before - last meal on Sunday night and nothing except water right through until Wednesday morning. The first time I did it was almost by accident. I have a crazy job and I just didn't get time to eat on the day after my normal fast. I didn't feel hungry when I got home, so decided not to eat and see how I got on. I like to experiment with things like that. The smallest change can give the greatest satisfaction. My husband and I take pretty unusual holidays to see wildlife and unexplored places and I like to keep...

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Half a pound down last week, half an inch off my waist and almost another 1% body fat. Wow. Was not expecting that at all. In fact I was expecting to gain.

I gave myself the day off on Saturday. No calorie counting, a bit weyhey I suppose to celebrate, but also I had resolved that it’s ADF all the way to Christmas now.

Liquid fasted yesterday. Went very well:

Calories 372
Carbs 28% (26g)
Fat 65% (27g)
Protein 6% (6g)

Breakfast bulletproof coffee. Lunch and dinner carrot and red lentil soup. I made enough for tomorrow's fast day.

Plus yesterday's exercise was chest, shoulders, tri's and abs in the gym, plyo’s this morning and I also have a yoga class too. I didn’t train on Saturday hence me doubling up today, but did my steps. I also did double duty on Friday but didn’t quite finish the second workout as I was feeling a bit wobbly towards the end of it and I didn’t want to compromise my form. All this training is a bit unprecedented for me.

I have increased my weights t...

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Well, this is my first day... of the rest of my life!

My brother has been doing fasting for years for health benefits only (he's skinny, and always has been!). Lately though, with all the hype surrounding it, I've decided to read up and see what it's all about and can't WAIT to live longer!

Everything makes perfect sense; I :heart: the science behind it all! :geek: ...And, of course, I'm hoping to lose a bit of weight into the bargain!! :razz:

Good luck to all the others starting their fasts today! ...And no stuffing our faces tomorrow - This is a eating plan for the rest of forever, so it's back to normal, until the next time! ...

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It's been an odd week in that I've been very much out of the routine that I'd established. I had a birthday meal out, two days of work buffet lunches, another meal out, very delicious birthday cake hanging around the kitchen, and this all culminated on Saturday with me deciding that it would be my first fast day that week - and promptly scoffing 7 homemade choc chip cookies. It went from bad to worse - two chorizo sausage rolls ( can only imagine the fat content in them!), a Chinese buffet dinner and a Brie sandwich before bed. Oof, I felt ill - my stomach physically ached and I had to take Gaviscon for my indigestion.

Today, my resolve was back and I liquid fasted until 6.30pm when I ate a calorie counted prepared salad from M&S. it feels good to be back in control - and although I am still hungry I know it's an emotional hunger rather than a lack-of-food hunger.

I am going to fast tomorrow as well - for me, the second day is always easier than the first day of fasting. My stomach...

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