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Today I can't stop eating rubbish... I have chocolate and m&m's coming out of my ears. I'm not even hungry and I'm just eating... Why am I doing this to myself? :cry: I'm going to end up undoing all the good behaviours and weight I've lost. I'm a little bit worried. I'm hoping when I go back to work tomorrow I'll have structure again and be in control of everything. I feel so low and miserable right now, full of self loathing.
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Sad as my Mum died last Sunday. Decided to give myself a break so haven't fasted this week. Still lost a lb though. I feel I am definitely eating less at mealtimes and eating more mindfully instead of shovelling food into my mouth. Will probably fast again Monday and Thursday this week and see how that goes.
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My strategy for my 2 feed days was to eat "normally"; I was successful. I have read enough blogs on this site and enough info on the internet and in the forums to know that one cannot eat "normally" on feed days, and normal for me is not normal for the average weight human being. If my eating were "normal", I wouldn't be here writing this blog! Ergo I am going to have to manage my feed days in a better way. Regardless of the diet, program, weight loss system you follow, the bottom line is this: Calories in must be less than calories out. If I fast 2 days and eat my normal meals, I'm going to maintain the weight I have and I'm here to tell you that just ain't gonna happen! Ergo (again) I'm going to have to eat less on my feed days . . . not DIET, but be cautious, aware, sensible, mindful and careful.

This is just my second fast day and so far so good. Drinking lots of water with fresh lemon juice.
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So I've decided to jump on the 5.2 thing. And my first fast was today.
After waking up at 6.30 I ate a Slimming World snack bar at 7am with a cup of tea with two sugars then nothing but 2litres of water until 4pm. At 4pm I had a 450 calorie co op chicken curry microwave meal but after that I craved sugar so had two malteser celebrations. Hopefully I haven't strayed too far from 549 calorie recommended limit.
Initially I found it pretty easy and the water definitely helped take the edge off the hunger, but I felt really hungry around 2 o clock when I wasn't as busy. Luckily when I finished work at 3.10 I had the school run to take my mind off it then I ate as soon as I got home. I've never enjoyed a microwave meal so much in my life :D
So all in all I feel I've not had a bad first fast day although the lack of energy going in has left me feeling very tired now so early night for me! Looking forward...

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So here i go again :bugeyes: another diet! i CAN do this :?:

I'm actually a Dukan(er) advocate, or was. I lived and breathed the Dukan way of life. I had a huge following on their site. I lost 4.5 Stone. The weight fell off me( believe me when i say that it was not a good thing, it took nearly a year to mentally see how different i looked). And then a little miracle happened :wink: He's now 11 months old and Mamabear has the saggy baggy body of a walrus, the energy of a tortoise and the memory of a gold fish! but i won't lie and say i didn't enjoy getting here, i ate my way through 9 mths of anxiety/pregnancy.

But with another mouth to feed, and only one wage coming in to the household, i am struggling to...

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