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Scale crept back down to 187.2 after my 500 calorie day yesterday. I had to be at the hospital as my mom had surgery so I had to guess what 500 calories was. I saved all my calories for supper and then had a small piece of chicken masala, spinach bake, steamed broccoli and salad at the hospital cafeteria. I figured I was between 400-700 calories but close enough.

I found it very easy to fast yesterday. I would like to keep my calories and perhaps my carb in check over the weekend to preserve as much of the weight loss as I can. :like:
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Second fast day today!
Found it a lot harder this morning to go without food. I think I was in the wrong frame of mind (starting to come down with something).
However I lasted until around 1.30 when I had a slim-a-soup just because I was determined to eat something and thought at least that is only 54 calories. Unusual as Monday I lasted until 6pm for dinner.
I ate my soup and then as it's my holiday I sat down to watch TV and fell asleep! A sure sign I'm unwell... anyway, when I woke up after around half an hour I felt a lot better and am now ready to wait until dinner time for my last 450 calories. Planning a small chicken dinner (at 350 calories, all measured out) and then a hot chocolate before bed (40 calories).
So glad I'm nearly there, today was more of a struggle but not long to go :)
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Started 5:2 yesterday with a Fast day and was surprised how easy I found it! Maybe it is all that positive energy spurring me on!?
Had a black coffee mid morning; half a carton of very yummy pea & asparagus soup for lunch which I took my time to eat so I could savour every mouthful. Dinner was beans on toast on granary bread which I also truly enjoyed.
Wednesday is a good fast day as I take my daughter swimming straight after work so keep myself busy!
I really felt quite smug feeling that rumbly tumbly (to quote Pooh bear) and this morning my tummy felt ridiculously flatter - probably psychological, but still it felt good!
Did a 2nd fast day today and have even managed a swim.
I don't plan to do consecutive days from next week as Monday and Wednesday will work best for me, but this week it was the only way as I have quite a social weekend coming up...
Friends coming for dinner tomorrow night so hope to not go overboard!
Looking forward to weighing in on Monday, so fingers crossed!...

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Eurgh I kinda ruined it. Well, not sure if I actually have or not but here's an update from the last 5 days. I had been away visiting family and ate and ate and ate. Even when I wasn't hungry I just ate! Cake, chocolate, cereal, big portions, chinese, nandos - everything. I felt so horrible though. Really bloated and my breath stunk. But still, I had done 2 fasting days that week so kinda stuck to the basic principles. My 5th fast day was today and was going fine. Apart from the fact I was having a pretty bad day, wasn't motivated in the slightest to do anything work wise or gym wise. And it didn't help that I couldn't even run 10 minutes. I have no idea what has been up with me. But I was doing well, had a salad for lunch and soup for tea, but then I worked out that I could have 8 match makers and still be within my calorie limit. So I had 8. And then a few more. And then a few more. And before I knew it the box was gone! I was on a rampage and I have no idea why. I had been craving chocolate...

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