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No weight data as in hotel

Bfast delivered to room. Woken every 90 mins by upset baby. and takes the good out of going away for the night. Have a long day ahead of swimming class with baby, afternoon college reunion, 40th bday party that night. I'd like nothing more than to stay in and have baby back in routine but such is life. I would call Saturday a food disaster

Bfast: 2 pieces black pudding, mini croissant, grapefruit, bread roll, smoked salmon, natural greek yogurt (954 cals)
Lunch:lasagne, garlic bread (650)
Dinner: shared portion of fish and chips with OH and wine (864)

Even this is a very bad day for me. It actually wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have a hotel bfast and lunch out. Lunch was provided so no choice- I'd never have lasagne. I was proud of myself for not ordering dinner and just having half of OH's

Total cals a whopping 2466 , carbs 174. Disaster.

I give the day a 4/10 as I prob could have lost a bit of weight this weekend if it wasn't for social...

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One of the best things about this diet is that I have just eaten 2 delicious slices of peanut butter toast for breakfast. Happily, guilt free and safe in the knowledge that my weight is still coming down. What other diet gives you that?
Now if I had another two, or four or however many slices of lovely nutty, seedy bread I could get from this loaf, it wouldn't be a great choice. I might feel full and bloated and slightly out of control. But the fact is I really don't want to or need to because I know I can, and possibly will, eat it again next time if I want to.

And that for me is the crux of the matter. Not that I am obsessed with peanut butter on hot crunchy toast you understand, but I want to enjoy it when I have it. Because it is really delicious.

This for me is especially a diet for foodies- people who love taste and cooking and good things. Who don't want to spray dubious 'oil- like' things into their frying pan or listlessly stir another endlessly dull quorn mince 'bolognese'....

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Weight: 8st 8 sigh

So yesterday was a very touch day. I had had about 3 hours sleep and had left the house for work at 630am. It was quite an unproductive day due to being so tired. Also, having read a number of blogs, I was inspired and educated to start concentrating a little bit more on my TDEE. There used to be a "small peoples tent thread". In fact, I had commented on it when I was jmousey before I got pregnant. I found that a lot of small people were forced to concentrate on their feed days as well as their fast days but that once they were under control, they lost fairly steadily. With that in mind, I aimed for about 1200 cals yesterday.

I saw my breakdown for the week as being:
Mon: 350cals
Tues 1200
Wed 350
Thurs 1200
Fri 1200
Sat 2500
Sun 1500

This would give me a week intake of 8300 which would then amount to just under 1200 a day. My recommended TDEE is about 1480. If I do 2 fast days of 350 and then stuck to my TDEE every day, my daily average would be 1150. Therefore,...

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Well, 5 weeks in and another 1/4 of a lb off today. (Doesn't sound like much, but a loss is better than staying the same or gaining! Plus it was a pleasant surprise considering the timing ((ladies will know what I mean by that!))).

I've come to realise just how much my attitude to food has changed too. Before the 5:2 diet I was always munching on something; whether it be chocolate, crisps, sweets...anything really. If food was there, I felt it should be eaten (at least there's a definitive reason for my weight gain over the last year or so I guess!). Anyway.. since starting the 5:2 diet I've totally changed. Even after my first fast day I started to think differently. After finding out how REAL hunger felt it led me to realising the difference between that and boredom or thirst. My appetite has reduced considerably as well, so even on 'feast/feed' days. my portion sizes have almost halved. Even when my husband and I have a take away, I find myself leaving some; whereas before I would...

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Two weeks in and i dont think i have lost anything? yet i speak to my friend and she has lost nearly 18lbs??!!! how does that work? Im exercising,fasting okay possibly maybe a little to over indulgedent once in a while but figured it woud cancel itself out? Oh well, i fasted yesterday and my nxt fast day will be Thursday. I thought this would be a good day as i get my root canal done, boooo hssssss!!!! I will keep you posted as to whether i lose any weight. But even though i havent the health benefits should outway the weigh loss goes.
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