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Today did not go well. Its an epic fail. I was awake at 5am with my son's new sleep training - he's a stubborn one. I'm freezing cold and the niggle in my mouth is pretty sore now. I'm going to ring the dentist as on Monday they said to ring if the pain not gone by Wed. The only thing is - I overspent this month .....sigh. I'll have to borrow it. I'm just a bit down today - it took 3 hours to get to work. A massive crash on our main road, I've hurt my back - a muscle seems to be in spasm and it makes it sore to life my little one and now my tooth. I'm stressed getting to and from work but OH is home tomorrow so I'll at least have support then. My food looked like this:

Lunch: tomato soup (59 cals)
Dinner: tomato soup, grapefruit, yogurt, blue cheese, peanut M&M's (381)
Snacks: bovril 20, chocolates (232)
Red wine(250)

I started off well but at about 4pm there were chocolates in the office, I usually can take a few and put them away for the weekend but I dunno what happened. As I...

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So tomorrow is the start of the 5th week of this new way of life/eating and I thought it might help others to check in with the daily weight changes that I have seen over these past four weeks.
The green line on this chart is the recorded weight on a Tanita BC543 set of scales that measure to 0.2lb (which also takes a reading of fat % and water % too amongst other things)
I hope you can see the general downward trend but also days where the weight has risen. I don't count calories at all although I am more mindful now over what I put in my body. Trips to fast food restaurants have been eliminated and portion size under control.
For the most recent two weeks I have chosen to not eat anything until the main evening meal and apart from my drumming and occasional dog walks there is no other exercise.
This is about to change as in a few weeks time I will be able to get back to going to the gym again - I am currently doing a course that requires lots of 'homework' and this finishes early May...

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This is my new regime where I need to stick to about 1000 cals Tues and Thurs to give me some leeway at the weekends. The aim is to bring down my overall TDEE. I didn't do too badly but I was slightly over. I also have not been as carb conscious since my cals are so low. I remember when I lost a lot of weight before I never watched carbs but I did watch cals. If your cals are low enough your carbs should follow:

Bfast: I had banana, greek yogurt, tinned grapefruit, cottage cheese (318 cals)
lunch: cauliflower rice, scallops, homemade tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and some prosecco (559)
Dinner:homemade quiche and tayto snax (385)

Total cals came in at 1262 so I am on a downward trend consumption wise. My carbs are up at 99g but considering how satisfied I am and they mainly came from fruit I'm ok with that. I love having reintroduced fruit and yogurt to my diet. Snacking on peanut butter to keep carbs low just leaves me unsatisfied but I love fruit with natrual yogurt, all day every...

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Today has been my second fasting day and I feel good. Hungry going to bed but it makes me feel slimmer haha. I had carrots and hummus for lunch about 3pm, then chicken with a small salad and broccoli for tea. I felt that I was bored most of the day and so thought about food a lot, so thinking next few fast days I will try and do them when I am in work or out for the day. Also went to the gym and progressed with my running! Did 15 mins run, 3 mins walk, then 12.5 mins run. Hopefully on Monday will be able to do 2 x 15min runs :) then more progression until I can run for an hour! I feel that I can focus more on exercising when on a fast day, and feel less sluggish for some reason! Last night I felt pretty awful at circuits (like I was going to faint or be sick) even though I had eaten well during the day, then today after not eating anything I felt fine. Weird! Can't really notice that I have lost weight so...

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....I've just woken up to a winy and wet Thursday, safe in the knowledge that my fasting is done for the week. I fasted Monday and Wednesday. Monday was OK, Wednesday was tougher, but I got through it. I also did HIIT and weight training on my fast days and am glad I can enjoy the rest of the week. Strange how appealing a simply bowl of cereal and sandwich is! I had vaguely planned to add in Friday as a fast day, but I don't think I will.

Weighed myself this morning and I'm another 2lb down, with an inch off my tummy, so this does appear to be working. I am glad as I'm not feeling 100% today. I'm tired with aching muscles (as a result of the gym). No walk for the dog today (not with me anyway!).

I am going to enjoy a leisurely morning, with a long hot shower before work.

Onwards and upwards.
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