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Well the third day is upon me and it doesn't seem so daunting . A bit hungry already but going to drink some water to suppress it. A pt friend of mine once told me the brain cannot distinguish between thirst and hunger so always have a drink first if feeling hungry and it might work! My non fasting days this past few days have not been to good unfortunatley the devil biscuit inside me decided to rear his ugly head yesterday and to my shame throughout the day I devoured a fair few . These bad boys are definatly my down fall with my coffees :( going to stay on the weetabix method as per day 2 however on a 15 hour shift tonight from 6 so I will see how that goes! As I stopped eating at 10pm last night maybe I could start at 10pm tonight ( I'm telling myself).. But will try and go through to 9am Friday morning if I can when I finish my shift.this weekend is hoing to be tough have a retirement party on Saturday...

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I've lost 4.7 kg in 10 weeks, 5 days. The Fast days are easy enough to carry on with. I'm struggling with bouts of IBS though, which started just after I started the Fast diet. Having to rush to the loo after eating, or in the middle of the night, sadly doesn't make me lose any more weight...

Life has been quite hectic lately too; I've struggled with a few 'ups' on the scales instead of 'Downs' from too much booze and eating out, and from unprepared, unplanned quick meals which are usually whatever is quickest from the fridge or freezer...

I feel a bit more back on track today, let's hope I can stay strong and a bit more controlled on my Feast days!
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I decided today to write a blog here. Partly because I want to share my successes and my failures, but mostly because I live alone and have no one to share things with.
I also haven't really told anyone in detail that I am on the 5:2 fast diet. Even those I have told I don't discuss it with. There seems to be little point as I am in danger of being a diet not really but I see peoples eyes glaze over or there is a flicker of the internal struggle they have about their weight in their expressions.
And I like to waffle! About my feelings and observations which won't really fit in posts on the forum.
Who am I? A 56 yr old single, menopausal, serial yo yo dieter (can you be a serial yo yo dieter??)who has spent her whole life enslaved to dieting for fear of being fat. I look in the mirror and I see a fat woman. Once I weighed 9 stone 7lbs, my lowest weight as an adult but looking back at the photos I looked anorexic. At the time I still thought I was fat. It makes me sad to think back...

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Well fast #2 for this week was rough to say the least...but I made it!! Thanks to the encouragement after I posted here, I made it to my dinner meal and I ate ONLY what I supposed to!! Yey for me. :victory: I got on the scale today and was VERY happy to see 230.6! Now to be fair, the starting stat that I entered here was my "last known weight", at 242-something and that was at the end of December. So it looks like I lost a HUGE amount from Jan 30 till Feb 8. I am wishing now that I had been brave enough to weigh on Monday when I started the WOE, but oh well. So I've lost about 11 lbs since my last known weight at the end of December -- I am pretty happy with that considering that I have not been as strictly LC as I should have been. I'll take it. :cool:

Tomorrow is my third fast...

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