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Just a quick note to say that I fasted really well on Wednesday, eating just about 500 calories altogether. I did it "Fast-5" style where I didn't consume any calories until late afternoon and then ate within a five-hour window. It keep my calories well-controlled that way because I know that if I start I'll snowball quickly and pushing it off as long as possible usually works for me.

I was meant to fast on Sunday as well but unfortunately I've come down with a bout of strep throat over the weekend and that couple with work was just too much to handle, let alone keeping to my fasting plan, so I've decided to go for a Tuesday-Thursday fast this week. I'm already feeling much better this evening than I had yesterday and I'm hoping that I feel much more myself on Tuesday.

I love the flexibility of this plan! On other diets, there is no room for error! If this would have happened less than two weeks into a different plan, I might have just thrown in the towel and completely...

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It isn't! Honest! Diet? Should that read DIE IT! Let's face facts. How many of us have dieted before? How many of us have dieted for decades? What has been the result? Overall, weight gain. This should be called Freedom. That's how it feels. Freedom from the rollercoaster of gains and losses, losses and gains. Freedom from guilt, sod it, might as well eat until I vomit, guilt, sod it, might as well eat until I vomit.

I personally feel as though, some kind soul has said, here's the key to bliss. Eat to 100 or 110% of your daily needs, 5 times a week, eat what you want within those guidelines and two days a week restrain yourself. That's it, simples :lol:

We may not lose great lumps in one go, but then we don't gain great lumps in one go either. It's slow, it might seem at times non-existent, but it's in the right direction and, please God, it's long lasting ...

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Well after worrying about it last night im feeling more positive this morning, have come on to this site rather than having breakfast, going to finish watching jk ( i know i know) then my house work is calling me. Think im going to have a slice of melon about 12.30 then cous cous and pepper for tea about 5. Lots of people on here save some cals for a hot choc so if i have any cals left over think i will have one before bed. No doubt i will be on this site a few times today :smile:

All the best to everyone fasting today

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Well fast #2 for this week was rough to say the least...but I made it!! Thanks to the encouragement after I posted here, I made it to my dinner meal and I ate ONLY what I supposed to!! Yey for me. :victory: I got on the scale today and was VERY happy to see 230.6! Now to be fair, the starting stat that I entered here was my "last known weight", at 242-something and that was at the end of December. So it looks like I lost a HUGE amount from Jan 30 till Feb 8. I am wishing now that I had been brave enough to weigh on Monday when I started the WOE, but oh well. So I've lost about 11 lbs since my last known weight at the end of December -- I am pretty happy with that considering that I have not been as strictly LC as I should have been. I'll take it. :cool:

Tomorrow is my third fast...

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