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It is the last Monday in October and I am starving! Managed to get through the morning on two herbal teas, even managed to cook my 15 yr old son a brunch which was tantalizing for two of my senses;my eyes and nose!I never even sneaked a crumb into my mouth but the thought of a fry-up now sends me into a frenzy! In the stair cupboard there is my favorite choccy bar, three of them to be exact but I might only have one . . .tomorrow of course! Thornton's Cappuccino Bar, those three words make me drool, I am quite controlled in the sense that I would never eat three or even two in one day.I know that a bar is high in fat and calories but I can not be exact without fetching one and letting you know the precise amount it contains . . .and then I might end up eating it.I must not go to the stairs cupboard, I hope it does not snow or I could freeze without my coat!
Sometimes the scales still fib, because I know I am losing weight or maybe it just has moved from my tummy area to somewhere else.My...

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I'm back to 5 2 diet.
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One thing that really intrigues me, and I don't know if you're wondering the same do some people manage to make the plan work and others don't?

What is the difference that makes a difference? :?:

I figure that there may be whole host of biochemical 'things' going on, leptide this, hormone that, IGF the other and so and so on. I also figure that it's really difficult for each one of us to actually measure what this is at any one time, let alone any changes that are going on. So ultimately we may never know. And who records every single calorific incident throughout the day? By this I mean both the inputs and the outputs? Nah - me neither.

So what are we left with???

This may be a long shot and I'm going for it anyway so stick with it if you can. We all know that there are things we think about consciously, choices at this self talk level that we are aware of. For example, we have a...

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So I'm now five weeks in, and my weight has dropped from 9st 2lb to 8st 10.75lb! A 5.25lb loss :victory:

I've had a fair few very piggy feed days and convinced myself I'd not have lost, and yet the weight keeps coming off (bar one week when I put on 0.25lb because of TotM). Luckily my boyfriend (who thinks I'm perfect as I am) understands that I'm much more confident and comfortable when I'm feeling slim and has been very supportive. It helps that he is currently on a 'physical restructure' - his word for a diet, so has been happily eating omelettes and veg with me on fast days.

I've had the odd challenging fast day, but overall this weight loss really feels like it has happened with minimal effort. I can't believe I used to swear by Weight Watchers, pointing everything from meals out to a nicking a chip from my boyfriend's plate. I feel like a 'normal' eater again for the first time...

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