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So yesterday was my second non fast day and it was easy to stick below by TDEE because now I am sick. My little boyis only getting over his sickness and I have gotten a nasty throat infection. This makes it hard to eat and I'm no too hungry anyway. I felt really awful yesterday. My fast day isn't til Monday at this point but I am limited to eating slithery slimy food as every feels like razor blades going down. I just tried to eat somne grapefruit but it stung me so badly that I couldn't. Obviuosly I'm not exercising either as my emp goes very high. So no exercise til next weekend to give myself a chance to recover. Also presume starving an infection is a good idea next week.

My day yesterday looked like this:

Lunch: Chicken wrap (500cals)
Dinner: Noodles (300 cals)
Snacks: 2 ice lollies & 2 squares of lindt (120 & 120)

Totals Cals 1040. I actually ate more than I thought. The noodles were very high considering the amount. I can only estimate the wrap as it...

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I just finished my 8th fasting day (3 weeks in). The first 2 weeks I did a 4:3 fast and this past week switched to a 5:2 fast. I've lost a total of 7.5 pounds! I first saw the 5:2 diet on the Today Show/Good Morning America? I immediately downloaded the book and started with the diet the following day. I figured, "what do I have to lose but weight?" The results seem too good to be true and I keep thinking that some of this weight loss is water weight and am waiting for the scale to creep back up (but it hasn't yet). But the results in how my pants fit is no lie! Pants that used to be very snug around my waist are fitting normally now and some are even loose! Wow! I am so pleased with my results thus far. After reading posts from this forum, I see that a big weight loss initially is to be expected but the weight loss should slow down to about a pound per week. (Which is totally fine). I just cannot express how amazed and pleased I am! ...

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I have lost eighteen pounds since end of Jan but for thee last three weeks have stayed the same . Any help out there?
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I just came back from my doc. I measured my cholesterol levels. The numbers were quite good actually. I am glad. Before my test I took time and searched online for cholesterol and cholesterol related information. Cholesterol is know to be bad. This is general public opinion. But cholesterol is not bad at all! Your body produces it! And it produces it a lot. If you measure cholesterol levels and get a number you must realize that 80% of that number is actually cholesterol that was produced by your body (liver). Only 20% of that number was introduced into your body by eating cholesterol rich foods.
If cholesterol was bad, than why would your body produced it?
Cholesterol is a wax-like substance which is found in all tissues of the body, since a significant part of all kinds of cell membranes, and form an integral part of some hormones as well. Cholesterol is produced in the liver and some other organs, a part of cholesterol can be entered with food. Cholesterol-rich sources include milk fat,...

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