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It isn't! Honest! Diet? Should that read DIE IT! Let's face facts. How many of us have dieted before? How many of us have dieted for decades? What has been the result? Overall, weight gain. This should be called Freedom. That's how it feels. Freedom from the rollercoaster of gains and losses, losses and gains. Freedom from guilt, sod it, might as well eat until I vomit, guilt, sod it, might as well eat until I vomit.

I personally feel as though, some kind soul has said, here's the key to bliss. Eat to 100 or 110% of your daily needs, 5 times a week, eat what you want within those guidelines and two days a week restrain yourself. That's it, simples :lol:

We may not lose great lumps in one go, but then we don't gain great lumps in one go either. It's slow, it might seem at times non-existent, but it's in the right direction and, please God, it's long lasting ...

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I am a 70 year old, happily married, man living near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Sandy, Utah USA. Over the last couple of years I have allowed myself to become somewhat sedentary, and my weight went from 170 pounds to 195 pounds. This past February I decided to change my lifestyle and begin to exercise and diet.

I began exercising on a treadmill we have in our house 3-4 times a week, and was able to get fit enough to be able to burn 700 calories in an hour. I did not do anything special from a dietary point of view at that time. By the end of February, I had shed four pounds.

In early March my wife saw the FastDiet book reviewed in the New York Times, and downloaded it onto her Amazon Kindle. She suggested that I read it. I immediately saw the logic behind syncing up our dietary behaviors with our evolutionary heritage, and told my wife that I was going to begin intermittent fasting the next day. She opted to join me.

One of the things which I found most attractive...

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Have decided to blog a bit to see if this will help me stay on track and also relieve some of my impatience!

I started this WOE about a week and a half ago - have had 3 fasts since (3rd was yesterday).

Starting weight (May 17): 63 kg
Current weight: 62.1 kg
"True" weight: 62.4 kg
Goal weight (Sept 20): 55 kg

I moved to Dublin on March 12th, and weighed 66 kg upon arrival. So I lost 3 kg before starting 5:2. In 3.5 weeks I head back to DC for some meetings and other things, so I'd like to drop that remaining 2 kg before then. I'll be seeing my trainer again after 3 months, so would like her to see a slimmer me! (Also hoping to squeeze in some sessions with her)

I haven't noticed my clothes fitting any differently (even from 66 lb), so I know much of this is muscle loss (which I had bulked up from a year of personal training). I'm going to try the 100 pushup challenge to at least build some strength, so hopefully that will help with inches too.

I've set myself some incremental...

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Well the third day is upon me and it doesn't seem so daunting . A bit hungry already but going to drink some water to suppress it. A pt friend of mine once told me the brain cannot distinguish between thirst and hunger so always have a drink first if feeling hungry and it might work! My non fasting days this past few days have not been to good unfortunatley the devil biscuit inside me decided to rear his ugly head yesterday and to my shame throughout the day I devoured a fair few . These bad boys are definatly my down fall with my coffees :( going to stay on the weetabix method as per day 2 however on a 15 hour shift tonight from 6 so I will see how that goes! As I stopped eating at 10pm last night maybe I could start at 10pm tonight ( I'm telling myself).. But will try and go through to 9am Friday morning if I can when I finish my shift.this weekend is hoing to be tough have a retirement party on Saturday...

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