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It is the first Monday in Autumn, here in England, this is also my first blog on this site and I am starving. Have been doing this diet or way of eating since February and today is a struggle.I began the day on a scrambled egg, one herb tea and one orange juice. I then went to work which was three hours of gardening - raking,weeding and cutting back all manner of herbaceous shrubs. This work is like going to the gym - lots of stretching and bending with my head next to my ankles most of the time. When I arrive home, I am knackered and would love a sandwich or piece of cheese. But, I have to resist because it is Monday. Somehow I have to make it through until teatime feeling famished. It is hard not to have a nibble, instead of going to the cupboard, I walk to the loo and stand on the scales.Weight has gone up since last time but on the bright side, I still have to make two new holes on my leather belts - one for now and one for next month. This is a better gauge than those scales anyway...

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It is the last Monday in October and I am starving! Managed to get through the morning on two herbal teas, even managed to cook my 15 yr old son a brunch which was tantalizing for two of my senses;my eyes and nose!I never even sneaked a crumb into my mouth but the thought of a fry-up now sends me into a frenzy! In the stair cupboard there is my favorite choccy bar, three of them to be exact but I might only have one . . .tomorrow of course! Thornton's Cappuccino Bar, those three words make me drool, I am quite controlled in the sense that I would never eat three or even two in one day.I know that a bar is high in fat and calories but I can not be exact without fetching one and letting you know the precise amount it contains . . .and then I might end up eating it.I must not go to the stairs cupboard, I hope it does not snow or I could freeze without my coat!
Sometimes the scales still fib, because I know I am losing weight or maybe it just has moved from my tummy area to somewhere else.My...

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One of the things that I have found really good for me on my first week is to use my kitchen blackboard to write up that days fast menus!! :geek:

Its really cool...I can rub off as I go along...and its on view to him indoors :heart: who can (hopefully) encourage me to stick to what should be on my plate!! Works so far :grin:
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Okay, so I have made it through my first fast day and it wasn't too bad really. However I did find it hard to concentrate... is this normal for a fast day or does this improve?
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