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Looking for feedback and motivation on exercising while fasting/repairing. Anyone tried it? Am worried about getting light headed. I might try it with the idea that I can eat if need be. I don't want to put my life on 'hold' because I'm fasting. Right now it feels like i'm waiting for the fast day to end so that I can be normal. I usually exercise a lot - but don't eat so well. :oops: So have 10-12 lbs to lose.

I'm a uphill mt bike rider and am worried that I'll get on the trail and 'bonk' as we call it here in the US. This means can't bike back to car because too tired (this is an understatement - like have the shakes and sick stomach, etc). This has happened to my friends on just a regular diet, but I've never had it happen. I also eat a lot more than my friends :grin: - thus the need to lose a little....

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Okay, enough is enough, get back on track and all that jazz... Today, Monday 9th December 2013 I am starting again and feel energised and ready to change my lifestyle for the better. Why I can hear people asking are you starting again, what makes you think this time will be any better? Well, enough is enough, instead of losing I have gained (again) and I am pissed off at myself for being so stupid. I played golf yesterday (only 10 holes) and carried my clubs, I struggled to climb one of the hills, really struggled, then ate a big lunch and a big dinner and had two puddings - what a stupid stupid thing to do... Or, as I am looking at it in a positive light, a brilliant thing to do to get myself going in the right direction, instead of him hawing and saying I will tomorrow, I WILL TODAY.
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I have always struggled with my weight. That sentence is probably the problem right there...

In fact I haven't always struggled with my weight. When I was a kid, I didn't struggle at all; I just ate whatever I wanted. And when I was a teenager, I continued to eat exactly what I wanted, but I was active and I LOVED being active - whether it was a dance class or a bush walk or a random baseball game or a leisurely walk on the beach. I wasn't any good at sports but I loved to be active. Somehow that kept the weight off, and effortlessly too.

But I always thought I was fat. Compared to some of the kids you see now, I wasn't fat at all. I was 'big boned' (what is that?). But not fat. That didn't stop kids from calling me fat, because inevitably I was indeed the 'fattest' kid in the class.

Even up through my first pregnancy at age 38, I remained fit and relatively 'unfat'. It was only after my second pregnancy at age 40, that the weight started piling on. I still ate exactly what...

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Whilst this is supposed to be a fasting WOE, many of you know I have been trying to keep the carb levels down too. I was pretty pleased with myself over Christmas, but I think I have had a delayed reaction to the holiday season as I'm struggling to keep my carbs down.

The result is that I think I'm gaining. I'm not weighing at the moment and my waist is the same, but I put on a smaller pair of jeans today and they are tight around the thighs and hips. :curse: It could be water, but also I only did 6:1 over the holidays.

I last fasted on Sunday, a couple of failed attempts the last two days, so I'm trying again today. The culprit is sugar. There is chocolate in the house. It's good stuff (green and black's), but the last two nights I have had my hand in the box. Need to chuck it away.

So I'm wearing my tighter jeans today to remind me to do a good fast today. I have also put a rumblestop...

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I'm still fasting minimum once a week, but I have been over-eating now for the past couple of months and as a consequence have shot up two dress sizes. I don't know what I weigh as I have been away for a while and to be perfectly frank, not sure whether I want to jump back on the scales when I get back tomorrow.

I'm not sure of my causes of overeating. Possibly stress and anxiety, but whatever it is somewhat out of control. I'm nervous that fasting is actually making me worse not better as the timing of when I can eat and what to eat is constantly on my mind and I'm at the stage where I'm feeling guilty if I eat at certain times of the day. It's a real problem as I'm eating until my stomach hurts which is something I have never done before. I'm a bit old to have a problem like this (never had one before), and so I have bought Jane McCartney's book , 'Stop Overeating' for the trip tomorrow.

I'm going to go away from the site for a while so I can re-set. Fasting worked fabulously...

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