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SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW=264.8 down another .6 after a really up day :like:
Calories =?
Net Carbs = ?
Fat= ?
Protein= ?
Sleep =6:22 90%
Steps= 5832 6 flights of stairs - It looks like this is about average for what I do when I feel like crap and skip the treadmill

So you will note that there was a loss on the scale. You may also note that I did not keep track of what I ate yesterday. We had a group over last night, all preparing scrapbooks for their children. We had a counter full of finger foods, dips, and lovely desserts. Yep, I ate a bit of everything. Even if I had counted how much of each thing I ate-no idea how to get it into MFP accurately. I felt like I over ate, as I put one more little dessert in my mouth as I was thinking "man I am stuffed".

So now I go into my...

Continued '; data[0]['blog_time'] = 'Sat, 27 Apr 2013 13:59:01 +0000'; data[1] = new Array(); data[1]['title'] = 'It's been awhile, but fasting is going well!!!'; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['username'] = 'daydreamer21'; data[1]['blog_id'] = '2584'; data[1]['blog_message'] = 'Life just seems to be rushing past me at the moment and I'm trying to keep up! Thankfully fasting has been relatively easy and I've been thankful of the consistency of fasting, it seems like fasting has become the normal part of my life at the moment. Some weeks I get disgruntled with it, but then some weeks really amaze me at the scale results. This past weekend saw me drop to a new low, and only a few pounds away from a new stone category (which was my Christmas target for the stone category I'm in now!!! :victory: ) I'm hoping I reach my Easter target but since I will be away at Jamie's I won't be able to weigh myself. I'm just going to conclude that from my weight loss trend I probably will reach my target. So that would have been 5kg from Valentines to Easter, which I think is a huge achievement. My next goal would be to lose another stone. I really would love to be close to a size...

Continued '; data[1]['blog_time'] = 'Wed, 26 Mar 2014 20:07:12 +0000'; data[2] = new Array(); data[2]['title'] = 'Hubby doing better than me!!'; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['username'] = 'ceece'; data[2]['blog_id'] = '1385'; data[2]['blog_message'] = 'I am still at 4.4 lbs lost but like the way I am looking and feeling in my clothes. They are looser in the stomach, hips too.
My husband watched the documentary and decided to start. I think he has done about 4 or 5 fasts and lost over 20lbs He has much more to lose. I am so happy for him and know he will stick with it because he is enjoying regular food on his free days.

Yesterday I had a veggie burger, fries and salad for dinner. I don't know if it bad or if I just overate, but I had a painful stomach all night and into this morning. :frown:
Going to the dentis for a cleaning and crown this morning. wondering if it is a good or bad idea to do my usual Monday fast.

Did my jog/walk early at 430am. :sleepy: I'm off all week from work. Going to start watching a little bit on my free days to be sure...

Continued '; data[2]['blog_time'] = 'Mon, 22 Jul 2013 10:25:25 +0000'; data[3] = new Array(); data[3]['title'] = 'Week 2'; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['username'] = 'lharding26'; data[3]['blog_id'] = '1261'; data[3]['blog_message'] = 'So have just finished my second week of ADF and my weight has fluctuated lots over the course of the week, but overall am pleased with 1.5lbs considering I lost so much last week. Suppose it's slow and steady from now on. I've decided to do 4:3 this week as I find it quite difficult to fast over the weekend so hopefully this won't have too much of a negative effect on weigh in next week......'; data[3]['blog_time'] = 'Sun, 30 Jun 2013 14:56:11 +0000'; data[4] = new Array(); data[4]['title'] = '3 weeks in'; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['username'] = 'radleykitten'; data[4]['blog_id'] = '2418'; data[4]['blog_message'] = 'Well doesn't time fly? I'm now 3 weeks in, and settling into a routine of fasting on Mondays and Fridays. I'm swimming 3 times a week as usual and walking more than usual, especially on fast days.

I've changed my weigh-in day after asking some of the longer standing members here how they did things. I'm now weighing on the day after my second fast (today) and I'm delighted! My total weight loss is now just over 6lbs, I've lost 2 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my thigh and half an inch from my knee, haha :cool:

I know it will probably settle down to a smaller loss, but I can feel the difference already. A favourite pair of jeans which had got very tight now feel a bit loose and I'm loving it. I've got a really piggy weekend with family now, involving lots of eating, so I'll be back with a vengeance on Monday!'; data[4]['blog_time'] = 'Sat, 15 Feb 2014 12:15:24 +0000';