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The first benefit I have noticed is that I am sleeping much better - not waking up for a wee in the night.

I weighed in at 9 stone 11lb which means that I have 25 lb to loose - Aggh, that's half a year at 1lb per week. Still, the longest journey starts with a single step.

So today is my first fast for a long time and I have to say that I am not looking forward to it as I remember how difficult the first fasts were when I started this journey. However, it's only one day and I can eat what I like...

Continued '; data[0]['blog_time'] = 'Mon, 28 Apr 2014 07:14:47 +0000'; data[1] = new Array(); data[1]['title'] = ' last, 11 stone something!... but for how long I wonder?...'; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['url'] = ''; data[1]['username'] = 'Chockfan'; data[1]['blog_id'] = '2340'; data[1]['blog_message'] = 'Monday 3 February 2014 3.17 pm in the 'Big Bother' House...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! At last I'm 11 stone something! (11.12) to be precise, as at yesterdays Sunday Weigh-In.

I wish I could resist the temptation to hop on the scales every morning, as the downside of that is that you notice all the 'up and down' fluctuations through-out the week but its an ingrained habit of many years, so I can't see it changing now.

Noticed I could use a different hole on the belt at the weekend too, so will try not to worry if the scales go up and down a bit between weigh-ins, as long as I can do my belt up on the same, tighter notch, things can't have changed that much. Must go by the weekly weight not the daily one!!!

I am using bought meal replacements on my fast days, as it saves having to think about what to buy, prepare etc and because I found some less than half-price bargains on some of the slimming sites after Christmas.

Sort of looking forward to my next 600 fast day tomorrow (Tuesday)to start...

Continued '; data[1]['blog_time'] = 'Mon, 03 Feb 2014 15:35:27 +0000'; data[2] = new Array(); data[2]['title'] = 'I did it!!!!!'; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['url'] = ''; data[2]['username'] = 'ujs'; data[2]['blog_id'] = '512'; data[2]['blog_message'] = 'well- what a great morning!!! :victory: :victory: :victory: It is 6am and I had to get up to weigh myself to see if I had achieved my goal for this week- one stone less!!!! After 12 weeks of this journey I feel much better and am confident that I can carry on with this WOE to reach my ultimate goal and loose another 1.5 stone which will be more than enough for me.
Having done all sorts of combinations of fast days- spread out over the week and consecutive- it all works!!!
Can't wait to have my bloods done in another 12 weeks to see what has changed there!!!
Off for a nice meal tonight!!'; data[2]['blog_time'] = 'Fri, 19 Apr 2013 05:08:20 +0000'; data[3] = new Array(); data[3]['title'] = 'Wednesday 17th July - non-fast day'; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['url'] = ''; data[3]['username'] = 'mellb'; data[3]['blog_id'] = '1366'; data[3]['blog_message'] = 'Erm so I might have gone a little overboard today. Partly not my fault, I had a maple pecan plait for breakfast thinking it'd be about 200 calories but turned out it was 390! Then I didn't check the calories in tea (which included tex mex dips so was probably quite a bit) or the size of my piece of cake, but it was a small piece. But it's early days so I'm not gonna feel bad for it, just going to learn from it for the next non-fast day.

So I had:

Maple pecan plait - 390
Popchips - 95
Ham and cheese baguette - 520
Wotsits - 123
1.5 beef koftas, 2 potato wedges, teaspoon of sour creme, salsa, nacho cheese and guacamole dips - no idea but oops!
M&S onion rings - 150
Slice of battenburg - Again don't know :/

So that's 1278 of the calories I know, so as long as tea and cake was less than 800 I'm below my maintenance (not what I'm aiming though) then I should be okay, but will be more careful in future!'; data[3]['blog_time'] = 'Thu, 18 Jul 2013 12:24:58 +0000'; data[4] = new Array(); data[4]['title'] = 'This is my 2nd Month anniv since I started 5 - 2'; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['url'] = ''; data[4]['username'] = 'Mouse FX'; data[4]['blog_id'] = '3087'; data[4]['blog_message'] = ':victory: Ok I hope I have this "Blog" thing right as I posted in Maintaining at the first which I was told was wrong.
So I started out at 240 lbs. it ahs been 2 months since that time, I am currently at 222lbs! I did not measure my waist, but my clothes are telling me what is happening.
At my work, I am right near a local bike trail, which I ride every day on my breaks! I ride about 4 miles round trip, each break is 15 minuets, so that's 12 miles a day, times 4 days a week I work 10 hour days, that's 48 miles a week times 2 months, that's 384 miles! Not bad!
I am inspiring other co workers to get out and walk, some have noticed my sliming down, one co-worker said "We will see how long this lasts" Now she is saying all sorts of observations.
Yes I get cranky after fasts, which I call my light days, but look at the results 18 lbs in 2 months, my knees are thanking me,...

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