<![CDATA[The FastDay Forum Blogs Feed]]> https://forum.fastday.com <![CDATA[Getting started]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/linbak64/getting_started_b-33_sid-8fc4725695076d6b16bf86d72a170e0d.html Was impressed by what I read and decided to give it a go.
HAve been trying to loose weight for about 6 months now and it's been difficult. I am taking part in a charity cycle road at the end of May 2013 cycling from Paris to London and so far my training - extra walking, cycling, cross trainer hasn't produced the results I hoped for.
Was very ill in February and lost a couple of kilos but need to keep up the momentum now.
As we entertain clients a lot - and eat with them - losing weight is quite difficult for me so I am hoping that with the flexibility of this diet I can still carry on with my work and loose weight.
Fingers crossed :like:]]>
<![CDATA[Chicken Stew]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/JJ309/chicken_stew_b-1808_sid-8fc4725695076d6b16bf86d72a170e0d.html

Fast today and bike tonight!! :bugeyes:]]>
<![CDATA[January over, at last!]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Revel3/january_over_at_last%C7%83_b-2338_sid-8fc4725695076d6b16bf86d72a170e0d.html OH has decided to fast as well which I found a bit annoying at first because he is hardly overweight! But I've come to terms with it and am trying to do some planning rather than just bung a load of vegetables in to make soup. He's doing it for the possible health benefits and because he thinks his metabolism could do with a bit of a boost.
So February has got off to a cold, wet and windy start but by the time spring is here I should be lighter and happier so that's something to look forward to. ...

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<![CDATA[Denial doesn't work for me but choice does!]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Incasplodge/denial_doesn%CA%B9t_work_for_me_but_choice_does%C7%83_b-402_sid-8fc4725695076d6b16bf86d72a170e0d.html
It has not yet become an automatic choice thing yet, my brain occasionally over rides my body and I eat more than I need to at a meal but more often than not I have successfully cut down on portion sizes. The way it works for me is this...I serve up a smaller than previously normal portion and enjoy the meal. Then if there is anything left over I decline to help myself to seconds but I promise myself that if in half an hour I really am hungry, I can have a little bit more. What I am finding is that it never occurs to me to get up and help myself to more.

Denial doesn't work for me but choice does and on my weekly weigh in the weight is gently reducing. I feel liberated and much more in control of my body and...

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<![CDATA[I start 5:2 with a new lease of life!]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/PinkLady/i_start_52_with_a_new_lease_of_life%C7%83_b-68_sid-8fc4725695076d6b16bf86d72a170e0d.html
So sunday i searched for the 5:2 diet and started it today, ok so my first fast day isnt til friday, but today i started with little changes....so im a secret binger, or i was until i typed that, i will buy chocolate and hide it in my handbag to eat at night...its disgracefull i know...so now when i finish work i just walk out as fast...

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