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Another very cold day but a feed day so I ate breakfast of avocado on seeded toast that was delicious. Lunch was half an egg and cress sandwich and half a fruit scone as we found ourselves in Asda and were hungry. Dinner will be fish cakes and multi veg with yeo yogurt dessert and red grapes to graze.

I'm warmer for eating, yesterday's fast was fine but the cold left my energy levels low so little got done. Though I did help younger son to move a sofa between 2 rooms. Surprised I could lift the thing!

Visiting 2 grandsons and their Mum soon so need to liven up for them.

Will that do? Pip pip :smile:]]>
<![CDATA['Feast day']]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Ragdoll1980/%CA%B9feast_day%CA%B9_b-1559_sid-657eb4766e80050c97bf11ac4c627bc2.html Couldn't wait to get up this morning to have my breakfast. I've just finished half a banana and a Bowl of porridge.
Usually I only weigh myself on a Friday after a fast, but today I have weighed in because of a 4lb gain in a week- happy to say I have lost 3lb, but after joining here yesterday I am going to try not to worry so much with the scales. I feel better inside and out and my clothes are looser. The diet has helped digestion problems and it is easy to stick with!! :like:
Although today is a feast day, I am going to watch what I eat!!, being the summer Hols, I have eaten a lot of chocolate, some lovely tiger bread and proper chippy chips :curse:
Kids back at school tomorrow - feeling nervous about it and me having to go back to work after 6 lovely weeks off!!]]>
<![CDATA[October 14 Weigh-in]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/johncs2013/october_14_weighin_b-1766_sid-657eb4766e80050c97bf11ac4c627bc2.html
Because of that, Tuesday therefore became just a normal 600 calorie fast day although I didn't eat anything on that day until my evening meal which then consisted of some grilled fish with salad and brown rice. That was preceded by a cup of instant soup and I had a piece of fruit and some green tea with that....

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<![CDATA[second time trying]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/congen/second_time_trying_b-1622_sid-657eb4766e80050c97bf11ac4c627bc2.html
Wished i prepared my food yesterday, but did a quick rush thing this morning. Low GI muesli, low fat yogart and strawberries yummooo. Hanging out for a cup of coffee as well, so had that or else i won't function. My job is so full on i need to be with it. Might go for a walk lunch time, i brought in my running shoes, need some fresh air.

Im trying not to think of food, have brought in 2ltr water to drink with lemon in it, nice taste actually. Brought in my green tea if i need it as well.

Dinner tonight is minestrone soup. Hope this satisfy my hunger.

Will write up more tommorrow.]]>
<![CDATA[After 2nd fast day - different experience.]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Janice1960/after_2nd_fast_day_different_experience._b-459_sid-657eb4766e80050c97bf11ac4c627bc2.html
To begin with, I wasn't nearly as bothered about fasting yesterday as I was about the first day...nothing surprising there. I've not been overeating on my feast days, so I guess my body was more used to a new way of eating. I didn't feel nearly as hungry :smile: , and didn't have any dizziness at all. The weather is cooler at the moment, so that might have something to do with it, but I don't think that's the whole reason. My yogurt and melon breakfast kept me satisfied until mid-afternoon, and my dinner of a salmon burger (120 cals) with green beans and mushrooms filled me up nicely so that I didn't feel hungry for the rest of the evening. I didn't guzzle as much water, and subsequently didn't go through the 'peeing like a racehorse' thing again, but my body's probably getting...

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