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Today is another fast day and I feel good, what more can I say?]]>
Mon, 30 Dec 2013 07:48:03 +0000
<![CDATA[Week 2]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Audwhy/week_2_b-1994_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Audwhy/week_2_b-1994_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html , but have stayed the same - that's good, going to try harder next week, and have started today to take the dog for a long walk each day. :oops:]]> Thu, 28 Nov 2013 11:19:25 +0000 <![CDATA[Willpower!]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/ferretgal/willpower%C7%83_b-3078_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/ferretgal/willpower%C7%83_b-3078_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html It was in the new quite a bit when it first came out; the basic premise (of course, there's much more to it in the book!) is that "willpower" is finite and can be depleted by the routine decisions we make every day (as well as strengthened by "exercising" it). So, if you can set up your life to reduce the number of decisions (choices) you need to make--such as what to eat--you can "save" your willpower for more important things. This is one reason I seldom vary my light days; doesn't give my little voice a chance to talk me out of fasting, I "just do it!" on Mondays and Thursdays, no discussion, thank you very much! Also, planning what you will eat ahead of time (even on normal days; maybe especially on normal days, since it's easy to go overboard if you don't have a plan) makes a big difference too. Research found that something as simple as not having an offered pastry...

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Mon, 27 Apr 2015 16:32:54 +0000
<![CDATA[Not quite going to plan]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Minumonline/not_quite_going_to_plan_b-2177_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/Minumonline/not_quite_going_to_plan_b-2177_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html
On the up side, I have made real progress at work, so I'm glad I've done it, and my son got some great results from his early GCSEs, cue much celebrating. And my OH looked after me wonderfully this week, the house is much more ordered, and he filled the freezer with home cooked meals. I feel very blessed.

I've complied pretty well with my multi-prong health approach. I did a good 36hr liquid fast on Monday, 16:8 on Weds-Friday, and kept carbs under 50g per day, except for Thursday when we went out for a celebration. Step count has been good - over 8k every day, and actually made the magic 10k on Thursday. And I've really enjoyed the food, especially...

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Sat, 11 Jan 2014 11:35:55 +0000
<![CDATA[Day 30 Fast Day]]> https://forum.fastday.com/blog/teddybear/day_30_fast_day_b-3122_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html https://forum.fastday.com/blog/teddybear/day_30_fast_day_b-3122_sid-c1b3a77e88c5acb5d28c356b9d7b1d94.html
So much has happened. Usually when I miss a few days I update according to MFP bu I just don't have time anymore. I told you I thought something special was goning to happen. It just happened a little quicker than expected - I got engaged. And suddenly I'm being way more careful about what I eat. I got engaged Sat and had a meal out, then family celebrations Sunday and finally a chipper Monday. We have been quite hungover but the last 2 days I have been good. I know that I must focus now as I only have a year. It sounds long, but its also a year since I gave birth and I'm still a good bi off my goal. My son is sick also so we have been up all night. So I need to do some shopping to get the food in. Now our free time is taken up with shopping and venues and Xmas and parties that it will be hard to organise myself. I am working at home the next 2 days so I intend to do some cooking in the time that I save. I'll do an online shop tonight and get in what I need.

I will try to...

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Wed, 25 Nov 2015 17:45:47 +0000