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I've decided to try a liquid only today. Can't believe what I weighed 3lb heavier this morning having obviously consumed carbs yesterday. Then there was the dominoes pizza £6.99 for any size offer. I ate 6 slices of a was yummy, I had done an exercise class in the morning too. So today I will have liquids only till dinner, which will be a naturally low cal venison steak with asparagus. If all goes well i will do a full one on Thursday. :clover: small steps.
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WEight 8st 9

So despite yesterday being a feed day, I still dropped. I feel the goal of 8st 8 is achievable (probably not 8st 6 though). If I hit 8st 8 then I am on target with the weight loss predicter provided in this forum.

If you read my blog yesterday, you will know I got up to attend a course very early. I suffered all day with dizziness. Of course, I worked so late that I could not get my brain to shut down and didn't fall asleep until after midnight but was back awake for another course at 6am this morning. I feel foggy and dizzy and am dreading my run later.

The course had a lovely pastry breaky with lots ham and cheese croissants and cheese scones. So I took them all and stored them for Sat morning before my run and have stuck to coffee since 6am.

Its now 12pm and I wanted to attempt another liquid fast today. However, I feel so dizzy and I have hunger pangs coming and going. If I didn't have to run later then I would persevere but I don't think it would be clever to run with...

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I'm struggling. Altho' I'm still within my maintenance range, my weight has gone up to 109lbs.

Now, I think that's because my joint problems are influencing my NEAT as it's becoming a noticeable production to do even simple things like take or replace an item on a shelf and I don't pick up post or things on the floor that I'd previously have done without even registering. I don't carry laundry baskets or rubbish bins arounds (much to my inconvenience and irritation). If I go to a supermarket, I have to use a trolley rather than a basket and ask other shoppers or assistants to reach for various items for me. I'm even in the embarrassing position of having to ask people to open some doors for me (I can open a door that I can lean on but can't pull a door open). I'm sure that all of this adds up.

It's also possible that I have some systemic swelling that isn't outlandishly noticeable in any one place but is more generalised.

I've had to scale back on my beloved paddling/kayaking - it's...

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I'm up late. I didn't sleep well last night, slept in and now I don't want to go to bed until I'm properly tired. I've spent the evening reading posts on the Forum. Lots of interesting posts.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable on the 5:2 lately. My last weight loss has given me confidence that it will work. I've been doing it for 4 months. Some months I haven't lost weight. It was a big thing to drop under 75kg. Now I know I just have to be patient and carry on, fast by fast.

The fasts are easier too. Missing breakfast and having miso soup around 3pm and then eating a more or less normal dinner, minus carbs, minus wine, minus desserts.....well, not that normal! .... is manageable and I can keep it up indefinitely. I have started to really appreciate that hollow feeling, that lightness.

One thing I have changed. I'm not going to weigh every week. I don't lose weight that fast and it's depressing and discouraging to get on the scales and see the weights not shifting, going up, going...

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Well coming to the end of my first fast day, not been too bad actually. Know that they wont all go this smoothly but im glad the first one went well. Saved enough cals for a hot choc before bed and im really looking forward to it. Had to remind myself to drink water though as im not the best at this anyway. Going to be good tomorrow so i can enjoy a large glass/bottle of wine on saturday. Was surprised how much i could have for 500 cals, amazed that a large pepper only had 20 cals and 100g of tomato was only 20 cal, made it look like i had lots on my plate plus i used a smaller plate again to full myself about how much i had on it.

If i dont blog tomorrow hope everyone has a good weekend

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