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It's New Year's Eve. Fasted well yesterday

But have had a few aches and pains during the past few days, lower middle back ache, been using the wheat bags. Also tiredness is creeping back, so nap time now 3.30.

Weight 12.8
Tomato and red lentil soup <100 cals
Half white part bake baguette
for lunch.

Prawn cocktail

Ribeye steak,
Dauphinois potatoes
Garlic mushrooms and two fried onion rings.

New York cheese cake - no cheesecake eaten
2 glasses of red wine and 1 of prosecco
Lasted till 1.30 am woo hoo
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:cry: I am currently halfway through a binge! Was meant to be a fast day, as was yesterday, but I keep putting them off! Last fast day was Tuesday and I'm running out of days!! Any advice for a weak willed idiot?? :shock:
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I started this as a reply to someone else's post and thought it should be here instead and maybe on the inspirational stories section.

I think I have done WW 7 times and Slimming World 9 times. That is an awful lot of money over the years. The number of attempts may be higher. I have ALWAYS put the minuscule amount of weight back on plus its friend, because I couldn't carry on with the constant guilt trips because I caved in and had a biscuit, which turned into the whole packet of biscuits.

I have been on anti-depressants because my feelings of failure, due to my weight, spread into the rest of my life. At one point I was on the verge of divorcing my (utterly lovely) husband because I thought he must be a pervert of some kind for actually wanting to have sex with the blob I had become, my self loathing was so extreme.

I became my weight, I was judged, by others, in my own mind on nothing but my weight. I assumed people were being nice to my face then being bitchy behind my back....

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As much as my head would like to see a number like 145 on the scale, 151-152 seems to be where where it has settled for awhile! My husband has put about 15 pounds back on over the winter, but as a cattle feeder having to get out early on cold winter mornings and break ice and work cattle, more calories got to be important! With warmer temps he is once again trying to do 2 fast days with me! Our drought and terrible dust storms have made walking nearly impossible some days so i am happy to be where I am! Threw away my fat summer clothes this week as I have gone from a size 14 to an 8. Kept a couple size 12 I had bought in triumph last summer! They will hopefully serve as my reminder that I was even larger than that! Bloodwork and pressure improved also. keeping good health habits remains my top priority as I have the reminder of long term effects of type two diabetes in my dad as he now battles kidney failure. Needing new clothes that fit is a very nice perk to the new lifestyle. I never...

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monday today- first fast day of the week and it went so well, cannot believe it!!!! I did gardening all morning in our garden and then we worked, gardening, 4 hours until 7pm. Just liquids and didn't eat till after 8pm- lovely turkey spag bol with lots of veg and seved on a bed of cauliflower- yummy!!!
so- next fast day thursday and hopefully a weightloss this week- stayed the same last week!!
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