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I was delighted to get picked to try out the ActiDerm Lipo Sculpt Wrap Kit, and tried it out last night.

The area I am most concerned about is arms and that bit of fat that bulges under the arm. I also have a bit of arm cellulite and general skin wobbliness. I wanted to see if this product could help with any of this.

Having read the claims on the package, I have to say I was pretty sceptical. I've not had a chance to research all the various active ingredients, but a quick look suggested that there was little reliable evidence to support the claims being made.

Anyway, to start with we took measurements, and to ensure we took them at the same place every time we do this, we measured points from my elbow upwards.

I applied the cream to may arms and underarm areas. It goes on very liquid, but does rub in fairly easily after a few minutes. It is initial fairly translucent, then goes almost soapy in colour and texture, before disappearing into your skin. I wasn't too fond of the initial...

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Time to reflect and plan.
Just over a year ago, I started fasting on Mondays & Thursdays, eating 3 small meals. I weighed about 12st 4 lbs. On other days I changed what had been my normal way of eating - low fat low GI - to include a bit more fat. I soon changed to eating just once a day in the evening. I slowly began to lose weight and inches. My average weekly calorie intake was around 12200. I was going to Curves about twice a week and walking at moderate pace for 1 hour five times a week. I estimate this exercise burned about 1500 cals a week - so on 10700 net I was losing weight.
Last September, following advice from a physiotherapist, I swapped my regular walking for cycling,and gave up Curves. Other activities such as kayaking,longer cycles and the odd 5 mile walk stayed the same. My estimate for my regular weekly exercise now is about 400 cals. I weigh around 11st 6lbs and I consume about 11000 cals a week, still fasting on 2 days. I haven't really lost any weight or inches...

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Back to fasting today after a mini break. I can so do this. I cannot eat today but I can have anything tomorrow.
Have already fed animals, cleaned and refilled chicken water feeders, unloaded dishwasher and sorted re cycling. Now having my breakfast black coffee. Have jobs planned for this morning then am visiting a friend this afternoon. Will have a vegetable frittata this evening. Then earlyish to bed and fast day done!
The last four days I have eaten too much and feel uncomfortable so am pleased to fast today. I am slowly adjusting my attitude to food but it is a long process!
Weather continues beautiful here and new fence nearly done. I just need to finish attaching the chicken wire. OH has made the gate. It will confuse the ducks as they are used to the whole of the back. The pond area is large with trees and a grassed area as well as their house so they will be fine. I am loving what we are doing with the garden. It is skowly looking less like the farmyard it was!
Wow, phone just...

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2 weeks into the regime and cant believe how the time has gone. I have lost 4 lbs and 2 inches from my waist! All thi and still been out and had a drink. I am finding the fast days really good. They make me feel more energetic and less bloated. I know the process maybe slow, but if the outcome continues as it has started it will be worth it!! :like: :heart:
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I've decided that after being far too lax with my eating habits and putting 3kg back on it's time to re start my Fast Diet.
My OH and i have had a week all inclusive in Tunisia - and I think I did quite well with all the extra eating and drinking as i tried to swim everyday - about 70 lengths - and clothes still fitted when we got back!
But I am still about 3 kg off my target weight - so starting this week with a more positive attitude.
Been cycling today but had to cut it short as OH had a puncture, walked the dogs and did 20 mins on the cross trainer - a;l on half a banana and a small bowl of soup. Looking forward to my salad tonight and then back to normal tomorrow but with still the exercise.
I will get rid of the extra kg's before Christmas!!! :victory:
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