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Wanting is nothing without real motivation. I want to lose weight, and I am motivated... To a degree... Now, I could really lose a lot of weight, real fast if I put more effort into exercise! It's seems so silly, that all I need to do is dedicate that extra time to feeling uncomfortable, sweaty and out of breath. Can't be that hard as that is what it like to be fat anyway. So why does that extra time too seem precious to give up?

Routine? The added time of changing, showering...? Now that's defiantly a poor excuse! Nothing wrong with being clean and in fresh clothes after kicking off a few extra pounds. It all makes so much sense.... But where the hell does this wall come from? I put so much value into my time, and yet I waste a lot of it. Defiantly some food for thought ;)
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My accidental motto: SINS - Simple Is the New Sustainable

It's understandable that when we've arrived at the point where we're so sick and tired of feeling unwell or are so discontented with our size that we feel compelled to act, that we want to see results as rapidly as possible.

However, it's my observation that when people are frustrated at the speed of weight loss, they tend to jump to another plan or increase the complexity of their WOE in addition to a more restricted IF schedule. Eg, they minimise or try to exclude particular foodstuffs or food groups. They graft 16/8, 19/5, 20/4 or Warrior type 23/1 onto ADF, 4:3, 5:2 etc. Dr Johnson of the Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet (aka JUDDD) advocates switching between ADF, 4:3 or (say) 16/8 for a change of pace but he doesn't advocate that they're co-simultaneous.

Greater restriction might seem to be the logical thing to do but there's no indication that it's associated with sustainability or greater success in the long-term. In my observations,...

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Well, it continues to go well. I have now lost half a stone. This week I have decided to do 3:4 as my holiday is only just over a week away and I wanted to make as much progress as possible. I was also reading the advice on here about weighing every day and then taking an average. Up to now I have been reluctant to do this as I think that if I am heavier one day it is too disappointing. Still, this week has been amazing so far - the weight has been steadily going down: this morning it was 9-3.75. I am hoping to get to 9-2 before the holiday. The good news is that I can now get into most of my safari trousers - some I will even need a belt with!

I was thinking about holidays - I am fortunate in that I do have quite a lot of them and often I do not enjoy them or am hugely stressed by them as I have nothing and I mean literally , nothing to wear as I have refused to buy bigger clothes whilst my weight kept on going up! Once I get to my target weight I will...

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When I started this way of eating back in September I was rather envious of those of you who had reached their target weight....I never thought I would get there! I now find myself only 2k off my target of 55k and I can't believe it! I am SO close now and feeling great, I just want to tell those of you who may be struggling it IS worth the effort and it does work if you persevere.
The next challenge for me will be when I reach maintenance. I cannot slide back into my old would be such a waste. Good luck everyone. :clover:
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Well, I seem to be keen and ready to go but I know when I have a bad day then that is when I am more inclined to give up. I have read the book and seen the programme so want it to work. Glad I found this forum and hopefully writing a blog may help also.
First day back at work after a lovely three weeks off, so am a little bit anxious. I work as a manager in the mental health field and it can understandably be a stressful job.
I also developed arthritis last year and this is one of the important reasons why I really want this to work.
Anyway, let's see how my first fast day goes. Wish me luck!
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