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I do enjoy my quiet day of fasting. It doubles as a reading day. :geek:

Plus I really enjoy cooking up tasty veges on my rest day.
    Cumin seed,cayenne,sugar to glaze carrots,
    Ginger,garlic,chilli,soy and coconut with pumpkin;
    Sesame oil and seeds with miso and rocket/parsley leaves;
    Mushroom sauteed with olive oil and basil
And tomorrow I feast :smile:

I'll be with my granddaughter, so we'll have playground, beach and drawing fun! Triffic.
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Tuesday fast day this week. Despite me having plenty of fluids, caffeine and salt on my salad, headache returned with a vengeance. :doh: It was a very hot day and as we had a longer than usual run planned with the group I opted to be sensible and have some extra calories before my run. I added in a ham sandwich (about 250) Run went fine, I hydrated well. The whole group went to the pub after for a BBQ!! I wasn't too tempted strangely. I joined them and had a sneaky lager shandy (probably not the best choice, but so refreshing!) All in, I've still burned more calories than I've eaten just with the run. I also seem to lose weight better on weeks I exercise on fast days. Time will tell if this is true or not!
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I hopped on the scales this morning and they read 71.9! I'm under 72kg - I've always gained weight again when I get to this point unless I'm really killing myself with dieting. :grin:

The program seems to be working for me and I am really enjoying it. I'm living a socially acceptable life rather than being that boring dieter who won't eat anything. Fast days seem to be working well with my soup and small main meal strategy. I find a cup of tea with skimmed milk starts me off and keeps me going until lunch or a small piece of fruit mid morning if I'm feeling challenged. I'm loving mandarins - sweet, juicy and enough body to feel like food.

I've been maintaining 10000 steps a day, even if it means doing circuits of the house and pacing while I clean my teeth to get my step count up to the goal. I use a fitbit flex so I can keep an eye on how I'm doing via my phone. I've also been doing tabata on the...

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Current Actual Weight: 72.1kg (11 stone 5 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 71.8kg (11 stone 4 pounds)

Waist Size: 30.7 inches (down by 0.2 inches from this time last week)

Body Fat Percentage: 12.57% (Down by 0.31% from this time last week)

This Morning's BP Readings:-

Reading 1 (taken at 6:23am GMT on 2 Dec 2013): 133/81 (Pulse: 57)
Reading 2 (taken at 6:26am GMT on 2 Dec 2013): 127/78 (Pulse: 57)
Reading 3 (taken at 6:29am GMT on 2 Dec 2013): 130/80 (Pulse: 57)

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day where there wasn't the same pressure on me to lose weight in order to remain within my weight maintenance range, as what there was on the previous week. That in turn meant that although I couldn't afford to binge (which would have pushed me back outside that range), I could at least afford to take in a higher calorie intake than on the previous week. In order to ensure that my weight didn't go above that upper limit though, I reduced the carb intake once again.

The started with a light breakfast...

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I am excited about trying this (although I did unsuccessfully have a go at it yesterday haha).

I am going to keep a log here :grin:

I'm 5.6 and weigh 10 stone, I am very active, I do pole classes and 1 to 2 hours in the gym daily. I have recently completely toughmudder which was a massive laugh, albeit hard.

I would like to be around 9'5/9'7 so I haven't a massive amount to lose, I am also fairly happy with my body, but would like to lose those few stubborn lbs.

My fasting day will be tomorrow but I will start it after my tea tonight and go through until the same time tomorrow then have my 500 cal meal.

I have a hours pole class then on to the gym for a fast burning class, followed by a chickpea curry and rice.

Tomorrow morning I have spin and abs class before work.

Over 5 years ago I lost 6 stone through Cambridge diet plan and kept it off, but I was 9'5 for a few years and the...

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