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Got on the scales with some trepidation this morning but glad to see I had lost 400gms (my stats are incorrect)and now down to 72.3kg :victory:

This week I have only done 1 fast this past week - started on Saturday with good intentions but didn't get past 4.00pm :-( ad although I did a massive bike ride (85kms) on one day I didn't ride for 2 days - so a loss is still good for me.

People are now starting to see and comment on the weight loss so really pleased that it's not just me who can see the difference.

Need to up my bike sessions as the charity ride is only 4 weeks away - so will be doing longer sessions so hopefully burning more calories.

Just need to keep up the good work as would like to be down to 70kgs by the time the rife starts - who know's what I'll be by the time I finish???
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So, after last weeks disappointment at a 1 pound gain, I've been very keen to weigh myself a week later. I've had a cold this week, and felt pretty rough, but despite that I stuck to the main routine.

So, much against my better judgement, I weighed myself this morning.

Imagine my surprise this morning, not only had I lost the pound that I gained last week, but lost the 2 pounds that I expected to lose last week!

Pretty pleased, as now I've lost a stone since I started tracking my weight on the 5:2.

Thanks Dr M!
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I've struggled for years to be aware of when and what I'm eating, not to eat unconsciously or till I'm overly full. What a surprise that this has happened when I'm not looking for it, or even trying to do it! From fast days, I'm very aware that hunger is my friend, and that it will wax and wane, not attack and overwhelm me without warning. Even on non-fast days, I naturally pause and think before grabbing the nearest item and cramming it in my face. Rather than grazing all day, I generally now eat (on non-fast days) two meals, possibly one snack. Somehow, the permission to eat what I want without guilt, means I don't have to eat it--because I can, whenever I really want it!

For those of us--probably most of us--who've been on many diets, the "diet mentality" leads to eating inappropriately, so you don't "miss out" on something yummy--you never know, you might be on (another) diet later and not get to have it. But if I know I can have a scone,...

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Lost 4lbs now so well chuffed :victory: I didn't think id lose anything as every other diet I've been on has big weight loss 1st week then slows down . Lost an inch off waist as well :grin: I really feel I have found the proper attitude to weight loss with 5.2 as before when you had 1 bad day that was enough for u to binge and destroy all your hard work whereas you know you can eat well the next day and that spurs you on . :heart:
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I'm back. Can't explain lapse of the past half-year, after getting on so well with this. Somehow I got out of the habit, but figured I'd been so re-trained that things would be fine and I would automatically maintain....

But no. Have clearly slipped back into old ways, and put on half a stone somewhere along the way. Very disappointing. Must also mess up the cumulative stats here something awful!!

So, with the discipline of reporting again, which I obviously need, hope to get back on track.
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