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Well as you can see I lost some of the bloating. Today was a little tough as I was up at 6am and didn't eat til 12 noon to start my 16:8. I had kind of hoped to do a fast with 2 small meals but I was too hungry. So my food went as follows:

8am-12pm 4 coffees with milk

12pm demi baguette, butter, 2 easy single cheese slices (250)
tesco vegetables with garlic butter (250 cals)
2 crackers with soft cheese

530pm: 2 boiled eggs
5:45pm: 2 porch chops, mini pizza (590 cals)
bite of a mars bar and bite of icecream burger (100cals)

Total 1366 cals(myfitness pal)

So I'm a good bit under my TDEE but I am very full after my dinner to be honest and feel bloated. However, I found the strectch between 12 and 530 quite tough and I'm quite drawn and tired today. I did my 5mile run with the girls and we had to stop off for me to get water (nevfer happens) and felt quite dizzy a lot. However, it takes time to get used to this and I'm still slightly jet lagged.


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I've been a member on the forums here for nearly a month and have never explored the "blog" section! Not sure how much I'll keep up with a blog, but let's give it a go!

I'm having limited success with this WOE due to my own sabotage. I've been a terrible chocolate monster on my feast days and I know this cannot be good. Fasting days are typically fairly easy for me. I'm in week 4 and am down 2.5 lbs. My aim for this week is to stay away from the chocolate for the most part!

I've been doing 4:3, but this week will have to be a 5:2 as I just found out that the whole office is being taken out for lunch on Wednesday, which would have been a fast day for me(M-W-F). So......I'll fast Thursday and that will be it for the week. I know that some people do just as well with only 2 fasts a week, so perhaps this week will prove that 2 work better for me as well!

I do 3-4 rigorous boot camp sessions a week before work (5:45AM). I'm thinking I burn 500-700 calories a session. Perhaps just...

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Finally some better news, my dad has been accepted for a care home, just have to wait for a vacancy which will hopefully be before year end. I feel rather bad as I know it means someone will have to die. It is a relief though as I have been battling for months to get this sorted. All the trips back to the UK for various meetings has really unsettled me. I am still not sleeping very well and am totally exhausted.
I have not fasted for some time again and cannot get back into it.
Our first Gite is almost finished at last. We passed the inspection for the electrics and are now waiting to hear when it will be switched on.
I have gained far too much weight during all my troubles but amazingly am not very bothered. I am so tired of worrying what the scales say. I have put a lot of effort into cleaning up my diet and am happy feeling most of what we eat I make. I will shortly start jam making for this year, replenishing my store to last until next year. I still have a few jars of jam and bottled...

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Scales say I've lost 3 lbs since yest morning :smile: can't tell you how excited I am ! I baked some bread over night the house smells gorgeous ! Not eaten anything since salad last night 12 hours is good right ? Thanks x x :like:
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OK. I've read all the FAQs and know that it's OK to try eating one meal a day rather than grazing - which usually ends up with me grazing rather more than I should! I'm doing Tuesday/Thursday because those are the two days I go out most of the day to the museum where I volunteer. The one problem with that is that there are lots of chocolate biscuits around - but I'm just going to have to ask people to shout at me if I look as though I'm reaching for them. :bugeyes:
My husband Paul is also going to do this to 'support' me - which is great of him, but rather worrying since he doesn't actually need to lose any weight. However, if I'm out he can have some lunch which I'll be much happier about.
So, I wonder how I'll be this time next year.... :victory:
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