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Well manage to fat till 7:30 pm .... Miso soup and apple. Fridge broke so cook up . Loads of cauliflower and fish in tomato sauce ( home made ) and a few pieces of pasta . May have gone over 500 .... But all in all pretty happy . Bed time and weight down ......
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I still don't feel that I've 'cracked' this fasting thing yet. I'd like to be able to carry on just as if it was any other day, but I find myself thinking about fasting all the time, and just filling in time while I wait for my evening meal. I'm always procrastinating :neutral:

Since 21 st January I have lost 6 lbs and 1.5 inches off my waist; I have successfully done 21 fasts. It's 11 1/2 weeks since I started and I know I will continue to have fasting days in my life. :snail:

Fasting has become more important to me since I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Losing weight can only make me fitter and healthier, and fasting may help to fight inflammation, reduce pain and slow the progression. :like: ...

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as they always say it is the journey that is important not the goal- and I feel that adopting this WOE the journey could very well be life long and life enhancing.
I have tried many different diets in my time from HIGH FIBRE TO SLIMMING WORLD and lost loads with them all so I know I can do it and i also know how good it feels to be much slimmer than I am now. I want to do something this time that enables me to keep the weight off for good- I cannot afford from a health point of view to put it all back on again as I have had 2 new hips and do not really want to have those replaced too soon because of carrying to much weight.
And the rest, high BP, etc.
So since end of january 2013 I have lost nearly a stone and 5 inches off my waist- can see parts of me that I thoght were forever lost to my sight-lol.
The fantastic thing is that ali is doing this with me and we fast on the same days which makes it all so much easier- mututla support counts for a lot.
We have been on holiday with this WOE...

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I decided to get on the scales today because I was feeling rather large. The fist week on the plan went fine, the second week however I was on Holiday. I managed only one fast day but did skip a couple of meals here and there, mainly breakfast, other than that it was quite an indulgent week.

So even though I had decided not to weigh in for a while I thought I had better see what damage the holiday had done. I was quite surprised to discover that I was the same weight, I'm quite happy that, even with all the wine, fish and chips and icecream I have not gained anything other than a bit of bloating.

Fortunatly I am at home for the next few weeks instaed of being stuck behind a desk so I want to make a real effort to get my body fat down a bit and get a bit fitter before I start back at work.

So I have two fast days to fit in before Sunday, I'm doing one today and one Saturday. I think being flexible with the days will suit me best as I am finding it easier to fast on the days that I am...

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Since I can be extraordinarily cantankerous when low on food. Shooting for this:
200-250 Breakfast
100-150 Lunch
400-500 Dinner.

Today, I'm cumulatively up to 530 ... so I'll have to shoot for 370 at dinner
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