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The past 3 weeks has been a break from normal routine. I have been traveling on business, and that always raises challenges of fitting in fasting as well as the continual tap of food delivered to meeting rooms, and the sedentary lifestyle.

Trying to keep things under control drove me to exercising early in the morning with a healthy fast walk mixed with jogging. I felt great for this, but I did graze on more food than normal. The result is that I have not lost any weight for about 3 weeks.

Am I concerned about this. Not really. I am starting to really get attuned to what my body needs. When to eat. I feel fitter and healthier than I have for years. I am dragging clothes from the back of my wardrobe which I haven't seen for years, and replacing them with oversized clothes.

So now I have another 3 week travel cycle to the land of oversized portion and temptation. US. This time though will be more focused and less grazing.
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Another success I am pleased to say. That is now two fasts whilst having family to stay so have proved to myself I can do this no matter what. It has not bothered me to see everyone around me eating and has not made me want to eat. I now need to stop myself over eating on feed days and then I know my weight will come off.
Took cat to vet again today, whilst there is no improvement in her blood count it has stabilized so hopefully the crisis is past. The vet thinks it will take a month for Suki to fully recover. She has to continue with the antibiotics, steroids and iron.
Next fast will be Thursday when our visitors will have gone along with all the unhealthy stuff they eat.
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Been a busy day. Usual duties looking after animals. Had a a problem with leaking shower, complicated to get to but discovered mice had chewed a hole in a flexible drainage pipe. Will be replacing with a rigid more robust pipe they cannot bite through! Oh the joy of living in deepest rural France.
Went to see Lincoln this afternoon as was being shown in English. Had planned pizza for dinner but wasn't hungry so did not have anything. My head said eat but my stomach said no so I listened to my tummy for once. Planning a fast day tomorrow.
Generally feeling brighter today so hopeful of succeeding tomorrow.
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Today is my last fast this week. Now doing 4.3 and even though I was scared to fast on exercise days I CAN and HAVE done it three times this week. I am also amazed at the array of wonderful people, with bizarre and interesting questions which are answered with such care and honesty. I am so proud to be a part of such a lovely group of people who have provided me with hours of interesting, funny, sad and inspiring reading. Now for a light lunch in the sunshine. Bye all. :heart:
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I think I'll persist in this fasting at least until end of September. Perhaps, it is worth making a routine habit -- assuming I don't get too skinny. This posting could be my story... though, thankfully, I never had as much weight to loose: ... 1107324670

Burned 1,132 calories cycling this evening.
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