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Today feels like the proper start to the NY. Yesterday was a haze of hangover and travelling. Today my eldest has headed off on his way back to uni, so after a really happy fortnight with him, I wont see him again for a few weeks. I'm so pleased that he is so happy in his new life (and hes left me washing and a messy bedroom so I dont forget him !)

I did really well on 5:2 from Feb to July last year, getting within a whisker of normal BMI, but then went on holiday, and after that, have been slowly gaining. I have done everything, liquid fast, low-carb, 16:8, NEAT etc. But, if I'm honest, I'll admit I haven't done any of those thoroughly. So my new years resolution is to stick to what I know works, but actually really do it, not just be able to understand and talk about doing it !

So this is my plan, and I'll use this blog as a record, to help me stick to it

    5:2 Liquid fasting : I prefer liquid only, I enjoy the money saving, and total food avoidance for a day. Monday...[/list]
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Second fast day of February. Finding food tastes much better and that I am eating more mindfully, especially on fast days. I realise how much mindless eating I used to do - shovelling food into my mouth as fast as I could. I appreciate my food a lot more now. I had a weird day yesterday though, it was a real picking day. I found myself prowling round the kitchen looking for something, anything, to eat. It was a feed day so there wasn't any reason for me to feel hungry but I did. I opened cupboards and read lots of tins just to see if there was something I really wanted but felt very dissatisfied all the time. Don't know what that was all about but I decided to go with it and not get too stressed. Today I am fasting and feel ok. Having vegetable soup this evening. May try a 3rd fasting day this week. OH is away for weekend and I may do an extra fast day on Saturday just the once. I'd like to see a couple of lbs weight loss this next week to make sure I feel I'm on track and not fooling myself....

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I went riding last night and exerted myself at the highest level in a sprint on my bike. I'm not sure if it was from the current exertion, or because of my overly-heavy squats, but my legs felt like they were filled with boiling water after about 35-45 seconds of intense pedaling. The highest heart-rate I got was 156 bpm -- which I believe is a signal that my heart is considerably more efficient than it was February of 2012. My guess, is that at my current fitness levels, my max heart-rate is somewhere around 165 bpm. So I've got my heart pumping for maximum effort at only 69% of my former max heart rate (240 bpm). Which is interesting. Since now I ride faster when expending maximum effort.
Although I was fasting yesterday, I had to get 2 ounces of cantaloupe and 4 ounces of orange juice to fuel my short cycling ride.
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Today is the first time I have seen my boyfriend in 8 weeks and before I started 5:2, I was excited to see his reaction to my slimmer figure. He wrapped his arms around my waist and said "you have really shrunk!". All day so far he keeps telling me how good I look and how well I've done and he can't believe the difference in just 8 weeks. This makes me feel even more amazing than all the other compliments I have received lately. Today's fast is going well so far, not sure I can fit another one in but I'll give it a shot. I'm sure I'll have a weight gain this week but I'm okay with that because I'm going to have a blast with Jamie and friends.

Have a good week all!

Love and peace :heart:
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just starting the 5:2 diet hope joining here will give me the kick i need.The fast day going good so far not sure if i should get weighed weekly or monthly though as if i dont lose ill give in but excited to see if theirs results. :like:
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