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Weight 8st 5lbs

wooohoooo I thought I wouldn't hit that this week as I thought I had overdone it too much since the marathon but the 3 fasts paid off along with 25g carbs a day. So yesterday started fine as the last fast day but ended up around 700 cals due to alcohol. Also, I ate first thing which I shouldn't have as it flicked the hunger switch. SO the day looked like this:

8am: 2 hardboiled eggs (140)

lunch: homemade mushroom soup (55), P2B Peanut butter (45)
6pm: 1 teasppon pest(25), cauliflower rice (25), red wine (250), gin (60), cauliflower pizza bread (135)

So I was around the 700 cals mark but if I hadn't had the eggs when I did I reckon I would be able to have kept around 500. My third fast of the week is always going to be hard so if I can keep to 700 I will be happy if I'm around 300 for the other 2. The only other thing is that during the night I woke up with a terrible pain/burning/roiling in my tummy. I've had this before when I have alcohol on a very empty stomach and...

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Had a steep but short walk in the country today, but later I'll walk to the furthest away shop (45 min round trip) for milk. Funny how walking can become addictive. My legs feel restless when they're not heavy with tiredness.

Anyway, I also realised that I've slipped into fasting too much. It seems to be easy for me to go three days in a row with just a 500 cal evening meal. Any mid-day hunger pangs fade after ten minutes or so and my energy levels are not noticeably depleted - I'm still walking a brisk 5-6 miles per day. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have all been fast days and today (Wed), although the intention was NOT to fast, has turned into the same. I went out for lunch with a friend but lunch was chicken caesar salad (no dressing), a starter size portion of lean chicken breast, lettuce and two anchovies and two croutons. I don't think I've quite hit 500 calories in that meal but the chunk of protein has kept me feeling full (we ate at 2pm) and I don't see the point of eating an evening...

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well chuffed this morning! fasting days last saturday, then monday, more guesswork then anything, but thursday i counted calories{497) weighed this morning, lost 4lbs! decided am going to do 3;4 days, as am on hols in 5 weeks time,half a stone lost by then would be great!
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My husband and I have recently started on the 5:2 regime ( I don't call it a diet). John lives away from home 4 days per week for work commitments. I usually cook his meals and after a 10-11 hour shift all he needs to do is warm them up in the microwave. He has coeliac disease so his meals need to be gluten free. Very hard to impossible to find ready made meals at the best of times let alone low calorie ones. Salads are great, but difficult to make in advance. Does anyone have any low calorie recipes for easy to reheat gluten free dinners? Thank you for your help
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Hi there,

I have been intermittent fasting from when the Horizon programme was on last August. My wife and I have seen huge advances in our fitness and my Asthma has really improved as it was beginning to cause me a few issues.

I found fast days quite difficult at first but now it is so easy. We also try to do a little bit of fasting everyday and try to keep our eating within an 8 hour window each day which makes our low calorie day a doddle.

The benefits we have noticed in our health and fitness has been miraculous. The only problem we have now most of the time is we have too much energy!!

Loads of our friends are all seeing the benefits to but we definitely notice some (not quite so healthy) people always witter on about low blood sugar and tell us its rubbish and unhealthy.

I highly recommend intermittent fasting to everyone!!
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