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As predicted, or maybe self fulfilling prophesy, today was tough!
Thought I might struggle with one day between fasts and it's been the most difficult day. I know it's only my second week but maybe too soon to try what was essentially alternative day fasting. :curse:

I even resorted to hopping on this forum at lunchtime and I must say it did the trick, so thanks to everyone who posted under who's fasting today, or something similar. :like: Safety in numbers!

I did look at the poor sleep thing and I realize it's not unheard of and I'll just weather the storm, seems to settle in time, so hopefully that will be me too.

I'm thinking food, food and more food at the moment, lucky for me my 24hrs ends at 7pm! Currently 6.15pm NT time, yahoo!!!

Good luck to everyone, still seeing food!!!
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I feel I have settled into a routine with this now and am entirely comfortable with it. This month I have two weekends of friends staying that will include a fasting day each time. I will still fast as it is my day to do so and will do a Hairy Dieters recipe for the evening meal. I am determined to keep my fast days set.
The latest bout of homesickness is back in its box with the lid nailed on tight. I am aware of it but am in control. Much the same as when fasting I tell myself I can have it tomorrow, the same applies to my need to go home. Tomorrow, or one day, it will happen. I am thinking of changing my name to Scarlet!
Our first guests depart this morning and the second ones arrive this afternoon. In between I will change the bed, towels etc and clean the Gite. Then I have to get a bit of shopping for the welcome pack and restock the cleaning products, toilet rolls etc. A busy day. I will be sorry to see our first lot go as we have enjoyed their company. We have had an enquiry from...

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Hello viewers!

Delighted to say that I lost 2.2lbs in Week 5 - bringing the total to exactly a stone and a half! Am chuffed to little meatballs....

It's given me such a boost, I can tell you. Clothes are definitely looser and I've stopped feeling such a second-class citizen - which is amazing!

It's Week 6 now, and I'm having a go at daily weighing - something I've never done before as the scales can be so disheartening. Something's different with me this time around though. I've decided I'm not going to let an individual reading get me down - so it's safe to read it! Tomorrow is another day...and all that.

Jumped on the scales this morning (Thursday 16th) to find, joy of joys, I've dropped 2.2lbs since Monday! Can't count my chickens though - as official weigh in day is not until next Monday...and anything could happen by then with the fickle scales! For now though, I'm just going to bask in the knowledge that things are once more going in the right direction - hurrah!
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One thing that really intrigues me, and I don't know if you're wondering the same do some people manage to make the plan work and others don't?

What is the difference that makes a difference? :?:

I figure that there may be whole host of biochemical 'things' going on, leptide this, hormone that, IGF the other and so and so on. I also figure that it's really difficult for each one of us to actually measure what this is at any one time, let alone any changes that are going on. So ultimately we may never know. And who records every single calorific incident throughout the day? By this I mean both the inputs and the outputs? Nah - me neither.

So what are we left with???

This may be a long shot and I'm going for it anyway so stick with it if you can. We all know that there are things we think about consciously, choices at this self talk level that we are aware of. For example, we have a...

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wow… I have now lost 2 stone since I started!!!
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