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I don't know if I should believe my scale or not, I varied almost 8 lbs over the last week. The high day was after driving all day and over hydrated - but 2 fast days seemed to have gotten me back on track.
Luckily Canada Day and the 4th of July are over, so less resturant eating (loving going to the US where I can get a burger cooked rare - has to be cooked to 160F here in Canada).
I haven't biked in the last few days, hope to get some good trips in this weekend and again next week. The trouble with the bike is I think I use it as an excuse to cut down on my walking.
My TRUE WEIGHT is 209.4 so held my own this last week.
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So I signed up on 19th March and did two fast days with out any problem apart from the splitting headache. Then I had a few days away from home and it all went to pot when I came back home. My binge eating was back.
I need to keep away from supermarkets that specialise in cheap chocolate and biscuits.

It's 19th April, 1 month later and yesterday I did a fast day. Once again the splitting headache persisted all day. I think I need to really up my water intake,despite drinking herbal teas throughout the day, it isn't enough.

I'm going to do the next one tomorrow, Saturday, to build up the pattern as soon as possible.
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Fast day today and looking forward to my next meal soon which will be probiotic plain yoghurt with five chopped strawberries. I've already had 2 boiled eggs and toast, tea, coffee and a banana. I was a bit of a pig yesterday and ate several Ferraro Roches chocs that someone gave me for Easter. I'm thinking about giving them away then I won't be tempted!
Just wish I could get out in the garden but its been snowing on and off with a bitter wind. Not Sunny Clacton today. When are we going to get some warmer weather? :cool:
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Feel really disappointed, just weighed in and I am actually a couple of pounds heavier than last week. :confused:

Really not sure what went wrong there then, I am going to find it hard to motivate myself this week with no incentive of weight loss to keep me going.

Humph!!!!! Not a happy bunny this morning
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For me intermittent fasting wol was the only way to get back to my pre 40s weight. Due to my age and size (I am just over 5ft 3") my TDEE is only around 1400cals. Having been slight in my youth with a fine bone structure I was dismayed to find my weight slowly creeping up over the years and finding myself unable to stop or lose the weight any more. The problem was, that I had been told NEVER to go below 1200 cals per day as the metabolic rate would drop and my weight would be even harder to control. This made losing weight for me very hard - it would take me two weeks to lose one pound provided I managed to stick to 1200 calories EVERY day for months and months on end. Such slow weight loss despite permanent calorie restriction is totally demotivating.

I started with 4:3 cutting my calories on three days down to 400 calories. I have reached my goal weight but will continue with the 5:2 wol because I so enjoy to eat like other (taller, younger) people and indulge once or twice...

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