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So that was the first day :like: . It wasn't too bad. The evening before, I'd had a meeting and dinner, and someone I was sitting next to was also doing the 5:2! She told me that she had already lost 10lbs in 5 weeks, so this got me very enthusiastic and ready when I got up the next day to really get going. :) .
Most of the day was at the museum, moving display boards and cases - so fairly hectic. Coffee, lunch and tea times involved the biscuit tin - but I told everyone to shout at me if my hand wandered anywhere near, so I just drank my ginger and lemon tea :cool:
I enjoyed my meal in the evening - carefully calorie-counted, of course! And now I'm on my 'normal' day before I do it all again - this time involving a pilates...

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I've been thinking about a discussion in another thread.
Sassy1 wrote: Do you have any (other) tips for how you have been able to eat in moderation, particularly when you do have a large supply of whatever food it is in the house?
There is a vast amount of baking/food preparation in my home and sizeable food stores, @Sassy1. Somehow, I never think of it as 'mine' (as in, a food option from which I should select my day's menu).

A lot of it is stored in boxes and what I can't see, doesn't call to me. If I have something that my DH can't stop eating then I will freeze or dehydrate it: if it's not suited to this then the item is portioned up and distributed to neighbours/family/colleagues/sports club, after he's had an appropriate portion.

I know that I notionally have the freedom to eat anything that I want and this might help me not to experience a sense of deprivation or restriction. Most of the time I choose not to eat items...

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So far so good :) Had breakfast with 2 boiled eggs at 6, lunsj at 11 with a small green salat, 1 egg and 50 grams of ham. Drinking a lot of tea as that helps on my hunger. Feeling fine so far, a little bit hungry but not too much. Going to have vegetable soup for dinner in about 3 hours, so see how hungry I'll get until then ;) But so far it seems like three meals is ok for me :)
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OK here I go again...another diet. I think this will be different though, for one, I've never made my weight public before. My start weight is 85.7 kilos and my waist measurement (which I forgot to put in and it won't let me load), is 108cm. I'm large framed but perhaps this is deceptive as my hands and feet are quite small. I'm 160cm and while I'm technically obese, I dress so that I just look "buxom". I've always had a small bottom so all the weight is up top - APPLE SHAPED OBESITY IS THE MOST DANGEROUS TYPE.... :cry:

The smallest I've ever been is 58 kilos. People commented that I was too thin but according to all the "experts", that is still on the heavy side. :confused: I'm just going to keep going until I feel sexy... skinny doesn't appeal to me at all but let's see...

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The last 10 days I have had lost focus a little bit.. didn't manage to make my fasting days, a lot of things happened in my life - but really - BAD EXCUSE :curse: ..

So now I am back on track. Today is my fasting day, the first in more than one week, I hope I can keep it all day long, tomorrow I have decided to make a low calorie days as well, like 1000 cals.. Hope it will get me back.. :like:
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