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It's been 12 days since I commenced on the 5:2 diet. I feel quite positive at the moment but There is a long way to go and I am hoping that this blog will help keep me motivated.
My official 'weigh in' is done on a Saturday morning on my Wii. But I must admit to a sneaky mounting of the bathroom scales in between times, although I do try to resist! :razz:

The first week I lost 5lb and I didn't find it difficult. My non fasting days are usually around 17-1800 cals and I try not to think about it too much. The only thing I have given up, is alcohol, we used to have wine every day while I prepared the dinner . My husband still indulges, but on a Tuesday and Thursday; my fasting days, he does as I do and this includes only having 500 'Ish cals.

I purposely chose Tuesday and Thursday as my fasting days because I am usually busy playing golf.

So far my fasting day foods have included the Hairy...

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Help! Only 9am in Azerbaijan (where I live) and am already starving! Hope it wears off. I consider this to be my last chance to lose weight after having tried every other diet around over the last 25 years. I lose half a stone, then plateau, give up and berate myself for lacking willpower. The medical profession says that my weight is damaging my health, though I feel fine, but at 61 I feel I can't afford to ignore them. :?:
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I've now dropped to 11.9 and have 9 more to go to target! That should take me into the healthy BMI range.
But a strange thing has happened: I was sitting in the sun, waiting for hub, who is a keen photographer. I was down by the Menai Straight on Anglesey, admiring the view, when hub appears and starts photographing me. Normally, this makes me very shirty, but...... he took several photos and I just sat there smiling. Even for me, the results looked good!

Ok, I can see where I need to lose more weight, but I asked to come back to the same seat in October, when I'm hopefully at target (but still not 'slim') and repeat the experiment.

Am I going mad?

(One other thing; there's a fabulous pizzeria there, too, overlooking the water, so maybe we could pop along for a pizza too! Now, that would be a treat!)
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Yesterday, New Year's Eve, hubby and I fasted. We were spending the evening on our own for once and at hubby's suggestion is was an opportunity not to be missed during all the festivities and so, a small meal of chicken and green vegetables and NO drink. For I think the first time in my adult life that was a New Year's Eve without drink! If you'd told me this time last year that I wouldn't be drinking on New Year's Eve I might have laughed at you! We're not alcoholics by the way, but we've always loved our red wine of an evening and now it doesn't hold the same allure. Goodness what does this WOE do?? Not complaining though because we've managed to undo some of the 'damage' we did over Christmas and miraculously we're below our pre-Christmas weights now. However we're drinking to that today!! Yay! :drink:
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So Monday is here again and I am starting my 2nd 5:2 week.
Over the weekend even if I had my race I gained quite a bit of weight as I predicted. Unfortunately it seems I overeat during my feed days and therefore the sacrifices during the 2 fast days have little impact. It is still true that I have lost 0.900g so far, but probably should have lost more given the level of activity done, especially on Saturday when I run 57.8Km. So today I started to really look at my TDEE and trying to understand what I really need to eat. I have checked various sites and even if you enter almost the same info (they all ask for the same info) the results are slightly different. What I don't get is since my days are not all the same, should I calculate my TDEE every day (well you do it once and have the 2 TDEE) and therefore eat based on that result or always eat my TDEE regardless of my type of day? I say so because when I enter a typical training day it tells me to eat between 2650 and 2750 calories, instead...

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