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Daughter and sil left an hour ago. They have been staying in our Gite for two weeks testing it out before paying guests arrive! A small snag list to deal with, nothing serious. The first paying guests do not arrive until Saturday week.
Bruno dog has been unwell the last couple of days. I think he was in the sun too much. Keeping him in today and feeding him lighter stuff. Have also put some milk in his water which he drinks lots of!
On the fasting front am planning usual three fasts next week and will eat normally in between. Thjnk this will suit me better. Am trying to reduce what I eat on feed days.
Have nearly finished the new fence so must away and get it done.
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Didn't feel like blogging when I first got the news about the website, but decided I would keep things going for a little while.

Managed an okay fast/light day on Saturday, tho was hungry mid afternoon and had a snack of hard boiled egg and gherkin. Had some food in the evening after dinner, but that was a conscious decision and I was fine with that.

Yesterday I did end up eating more than I would have liked... Went out for afternoon tea, and enjoyed the cake. That was fine. Brekky and lunch had been normal. But my dinner meal was disappointing, a soggy stir fry with too much soya sauce... So I think that may have been why I wanted to eat some crispbreads, for something crunchy. But I also had choccie (equivalent to a small bar) and some dried fruit and nuts. Enjoyed it, but didn't need it. Trying not to obsess tho...!!! I note that I didn't keep my hands busy with knitting or colouring in, I was just watching TV. So I do need to keep occupied. And drink water first if hungry.
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well i'm new to the blogging and the diet but lost a lb in my first week which i am really happy with as have been stuck more less trying to shift my last stone for about 6 months, so here's hope that the lb a week continue's.
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Well not posting as often as I'd thought.

Its been an OK weekend, some snacking at work on Saturday and a yummy Saturday dinner of parsnip and shallot tart tatin (sounds strange I know but was delicious) and strawberry tart, both made by my hubby who always cooks on Saturdays.

Today also OK including my weekly mini-binge of two packs of McCoys crisps and a crunchie bar.

Crisps are my weakness. My achilles heel. I just can't get enough. I have had several days when I have eaten literally NOTHING else in a day. Just crisps at breakfast time, lunch time and dinner time. I can't count the number of times I've eaten a 6-pack, 10-pack or 12-pack in one go. Mt record was a jumbo 16-pack multi-pack eaten in one go. My binging on crisps started as a child and has haunted my my whole life. I decided to join Slimming World when, on the way back from a trip to the supermarket I'd eaten a whole 6-pack before I even got home, on the bus. And it wasn't the first time either. I was at a Slimming World...

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you know it was not that bad at all. I had a couple of boiled eggs in the morning, coffee and water throughout the day and then a vegetarian meal in the evening. Have notices the following day i was a little hungrier but that is no bad thing - just have to make the right choices.

It is very liberating.
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