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Saturday 1st thing I weighed 62.0k :victory: (my lowest ever)Weekend non diet and am still 62.0k (YAY) but must be extra careful as I'm off to Plymouth for a long weekend FRI-MON to see my beautiful girls- my daughter and Granddaughters. Past history tells of up to 4kg weight increase with sloooooooow loss (up to 2wks to lose :cry: ) SO MY PLAN IS: MONDAY & WEDNESDAY FAST=300-500kcals :starving: TUESDAY & THURSDAY REDUCE =500-800kcals :neutral: FRIDAY FEED =800-1200kcals :smile: FEAST = Not counting...

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12lb in 7 weeks. Slow but sure but I'm not in the proper mind set. I started fast yesterday but lost the plot at lunch time. I just kept eating. Ham and chees roll, sausage roll and crisps. Evening had my 300 cal meal i had prepared the day before but one hour later crisps and cheese...... I have woken up this morning upset and angry with myself. I will sort of fast today , I will have soup 76 cals and 1 ryvita 34 cals but we are going out for dinner tonight with some friends who are coming to stay for weekend.

I do do do want, NEED to do this and I know only I can do it and only I can wreck it but I seem to be on self destruct ( I am crying writing this) I need a kick up the ar***.
:frown: :frown: :frown: ...

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I am just loving my new fast diet cookbook by Mimi Spencer and Sarah Schenker can't wait to cook more of the delicious meals.I have already made the smoked haddock with spinach and poached egg -amazing and so quick to make.Looking forward to my fast day tomorrow- why is that? does anybody else feel the same way? Barbara.
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Not sure what to write - it has been so long since I posted here! Since the November post, I did go back to fasting until the end of the year. It is a habit that has been so firmly ingrained, the familiarity has become reassuring to me. But what is the point of fasting when on non-fast days, I eat too much?
So very deliberately starting in 2015 I made a special effort not to fast. It was so very hard, but I knew deep down that I needed to address my relationship with food as a priority before it gets completely out of control.

The first thing that happened was that I read this ... t-fat.html and made a start. There is nothing earth shattering about this plan apart from the fact that there is alot less food than I have been eating in this past...

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I've been thinking about a discussion in another thread.
Sassy1 wrote: Do you have any (other) tips for how you have been able to eat in moderation, particularly when you do have a large supply of whatever food it is in the house?
There is a vast amount of baking/food preparation in my home and sizeable food stores, @Sassy1. Somehow, I never think of it as 'mine' (as in, a food option from which I should select my day's menu).

A lot of it is stored in boxes and what I can't see, doesn't call to me. If I have something that my DH can't stop eating then I will freeze or dehydrate it: if it's not suited to this then the item is portioned up and distributed to neighbours/family/colleagues/sports club, after he's had an appropriate portion.

I know that I notionally have the freedom to eat anything that I want and this might help me not to experience a sense of deprivation or restriction. Most of the time I choose not to eat items...

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